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Well the testing season is just about under way and a little early this year due to the surprise tyre test. So I thought we needed somewhere to chat about testing. First here are the dates.

December 17-19th -Pirelli Tyre test : Bahrain
January 28-31st -First winter test of the 2014 cars : Jerez
February 19-22nd -Second winter test : Bahrain
February 27th - March 2nd - Final test : Bahrain

First race 16th March.

The Pirelli tyre test is now only being attended by RedBull, Mercedes, Ferrari and TorroRosso with McLaren and Force India pulling out after initially confirming.
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That's a very interesting line up. If you discount Toro Rosso who are just tagging along with Red Bull, the three key teams at this tyre test also happen to be the three teams who have an engine manufacturer as either part of the same company or as in Red Bulls case they are the number 1 client for Renault/Infiniti.

2014 is clearly going to be a 3 way fight between the big 3 as the teams try and get the most out of the new engines.
A bit shocked McLaren aren't putting in the effort to get to the tyre test. Lotus I can understand with a lack of cash, but McLaren not wanting to test the new tyres :o I bet JB isn't happy.
F1Yorkshire Pretty sure the test is with 2013 cars and 2013 engines but with 2014 tyres, so I think largely the engine manufacturer link is just coincidence (well, because those teams have more money).
Yeah I know its the current engines but as it's the teams who are engine manufacturers taking part they also have the greater access to engine feedback and development for next season rather than the customer teams. The additional knowledge gained from the tyres will make the big three a tough prospect to beat for the smaller teams.
A bit shocked McLaren aren't putting in the effort to get to the tyre test. Lotus I can understand with a lack of cash, but McLaren not wanting to test the new tyres :o I bet JB isn't happy.

I think that says all that needs to be said about McLaren and it's current commitment to being the best.
The lack of McLaren is concerning, are they skipping it because even they can't afford it?
Or is it weak leadership?
Either way, McLaren seem to be on the fade :(

I would have thought they would have run all 4 drivers as well. Button on one day, Magnussen on another, and Parfett/Turvey on another.
McLaren are claiming it was to short notice. Strange that Redbull not to far from McLaren have managed to get there.
Isn't it McLaren who have the Bahrain connections? Surely the guy who owns half the team could afford to bring them to his local track.
Ron Dennis appears to be trying to build the car company up and the racing team is taking a back seat. He seems to have missed fact that the F1 is Ferrari's main marketing tool and so it should be for McLaren. Who wants to buy a car built by a shit F1 team, unless you can build it yourself in the garage like Caterham.
I could be wrong but I thought the car company was now (as of 2009) Ron Dennis' priority and that was something caused by the spygate scandal ... again, I could be wrong
I'm not sure why people are shocked at Mclaren not going to a test. They have a history of not going to scheduled tests and even when they do they don't send their race drivers.
Do I recall correctly that Lewis said he would do everything possible to work all winter to make the best car to suit him? Did I not hear something like that somewhere?

Anyway here is the line up for the tyre test starting tomorrow.

Teams line-up:
• Red Bull Racing: Sebastien Buemi - Dec. 17-18-19
• Mercedes AMG: Nico Rosberg - Dec. 17-18-19
• Scuderia Ferrari: Pedro de la Rosa - Dec. 17-18; Jules Bianchi - Dec. 19
• Scuderia Toro Rosso: Jean-Eric Vergne - Dec. 17 and 18 am; Daniil Kvyat - Dec. 18 pm and 19.
So there's only four teams in the test - is that the top 3 in the Constructors Championship and the B team of one of them?
Might be a good idea to go there, then, eh?
Good to see that Red Bull have the good sense to give a days testing to their rookie driver. New regs or not any extra time in the car will be a big help.come start of the season.

Also interesting Bianchi is still very much Ferrari's man.
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