2014 Car Launches

Chad Stewarthill

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That Caterham is disgustingly ugly. It looks a bit like a really ugly car has snuck up behind an attractive one and eaten it, with just the front wing left to finish off.

I'd say an Airbus is prettier by far (speaking of which, they must be hoping against hope that it's really quick).

The Artist.....

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An ironing board with legs!!
what I can't work out is how on earth the Caterham passed the crash test. The thin sausage at the front presumably has no deformable structure, and there's very little of the triangular wedge of the nose to deform....


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The Caterham reminded me of this March, but then inverted


Just wondering. Are their extra points this year for the ugliest car? Because teams seem to be trying really hard to get their cars as ugly as possible.

Although the Caterham is so ugly that it went of the scale and become somewhat pretty again.


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Looks pretty elegant compared to most of the cars but it also seems pretty basic to my untrained eye. As far as I can see it doesn't even have turning vanes by the sidepods for example. Also, pretty much no sponsorship.
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