2014 car launches PICTURES


With all the pictures of the 2014 cars being lost in a sea of comments about their ugliness, whether the car is a man or a lady and, with the launch of the Ferrari today, various vacuum-related puns, I thought that it would be good to have a dedicated thread with just the pics, so if anyone who wants to quickly browse the anteater class of 2014 can.

Force India:

(sorry, wrong picture)



(Not the final car)




Toro Rosso:

I'll update this thread as more cars get launched.
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Those really must be comedy iterations to engender ridicule, fear and loathing on the part of the viewing public in a vain attempt to force the FIA to rescind the regulation. Methinks the first part of the plan is working ... on me anyway:sick:


Here be dragons.
I don't care what they look like as long as they do the job!

I know that is a naive point of view and should, perhaps, get into aero design but life is too short.

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Oh Lordy - where's the "Unlike" button? :o:sick:

It seems that there is definitely a sense of aestheticism missing at Caterham, and has been for a couple of seasons.

The Merc looks pretty good though - the camera mounts seem to soften the "melted nose" look that the Ferrari utterly fails to accomplish.

Red Bull? Meh. Force India & Torro Rosso, equally Meh.

I can't help but wish they'd gone down the BrawnGP '09 route for the "low nose" design - that was a beautiful car!
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