Grand Prix 2014 Italian Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

Ciao e benvenuto l'introduzione per il Gran Premio italiano di Monza 2014.

Silverstone, Interlagos, Monza. These illustrious names are the circuits where the sounds of the engines are drowned out by the noise of the fans. Few motorsport arenas can boast of an atmosphere to rival the ancient coliseum of Rome and Monza has always been a pilgrimage for the legion of rosso clad Tifosi.

Monza is synonymous with Ferrari yet this year the prancing horse seems to be more of a lumbering donkey. What effect will this have on the Tifosi and their embrace of the F1 circus this September?

The answer is probably no effect at all.

The reason for this is the love for motorsport shown by the Italian fans ever since the tracks creation in 1922. The sea of red running down to the Parabolica and back along the main straight indicate the devotion of Ferrari fans of all nationalities who are united under a single banner.

Few circuits have been captured on film as much as Monza, many of the sports iconic images and videos were taken at this magnificent race course and you can chart the history of the sport along the twists and turns of the tarmac. It’s also a record breaker, in 1971 the top five drivers finished within 0.61 seconds. A feat only made possible by the lack of chicanes during that era. Phenomenal speeds for the period were also set in those most dangerous of years.

Monza has always produced a mixture of triumph and tragedy, Fangio, Stewart, Lauda, Andretti & Scheckter all secured drivers championships at this circuit while Ascari, von Trip, Rindt & Peterson all lost their lives here.

Only 3 drivers have won at Monza and won the championship in the last 20 years, Senna, Schumacher & Vettel. With Rosberg on top in the championship, will winning this race mean he adds his name to the list or will the Monza jinx strike again.

As for this years race, it would have been hard to see past a Mercedes powered victory due to the long straights but after Ricciardo finished on top in Spa does engine power still have the advantage over aerodynamics?

Whatever happens in the championship we are in for an exciting weekend of racing!
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Monza despite being a power circuit for the long straights still requires high downforce in places to maintain speed through the fast corners
Il_leone like I said on another thread Renault haven't found something at all. Red Bull have dramatically changed their set up to avoid being mugged down the straights. They were running virtually no wing at all which made them super fast in the first sector but bloody awful in sector 2.

Horner joked that to do the same in Monza they might just take the wing off completely.
Because of the wing set up. As talked about on the commentary through out the weeked and by Christian Horner in every interview.
I don't think they have. They've stated that they have the worst engine on the grid that didn't allow them any testing time pre-season at all which is fact.
So Red Bull winning 3 races this season should that be down to

1) Luck
2) Ricciardo
3) the team sorting the car out / getting a good set up
4) Renault
Red Bull is much better organized than Mercedes. They win races they should win and they also win some races they shouldn't win. The best team, the best chassis and two awesome drivers: only the engine is letting them down, but once they've got that engine sorted out, no-one can stop them, I fear.
When Vettel pulled up behind Bottas at Spa, the difference between the two rear wings was extremely visible; indeed, I don't think I've seen such a contrast since Button played the F-Duct game and put on a whole plank at Monza in 2010.

Red Bull have got to the point where they're almost paranoid about their engine's weakness and are compensating in the most extreme way possible. To great success in Belgium!
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