Pre-GP Quiz 2014 Hungarian Grand Prix

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Who's the Hungary expert and who's the hungry idiot? Who doesn't know their Magyar from their margarine? Who stole the last quiz I was going to write for Spain?! Who should stop trying to be like Anne Robinson?!
Are you sitting comfortably? Then we'll begin!

1. Race day will be the birthday of Philippe Alliot, what position was his best finish in Hungary?


2. Who was the last man to win the Hungarian Grand Prix and then go onto win the World Championship and in what year was this?

Michael Schumacher in 2004, half a point for each

3. Hungarian Ferenc Szisz was the winner of the first ever Grand Prix Motor Racing event, at which track was it at though?

Le Mans

4. Lewis Hamilton has the joint most victories at the Hungaroring, but at which other circuit does he have the most?

Austin, shared with Sebastian Vettel

5. Michael Schumacher has the joint most wins at this circuit, but who has the most pole positions?

Michael Schumacher, with seven

6. Three drivers have scored their maiden podiums in Hungary, who?

Jos Verstappen (1994), Pedro de la Rosa (2006) and Timo Glock (2008).

7. On the 27th July 1997, which driver and team took their final win in the German Grand Prix?

Gerhard Berger and Benetton

8. In the 2013 GP, Romain Grosjean finished P6 on track but was given a 20 second time penalty for his collision when attempting an overtake on Button, where did this move him down to?

P6, 1.6 seconds ahead of Button

9. In the same race, who took their best F1 finish?

Giedo van der Garde

10. Which is greater, Ayrton Senna's wins at the circuit times by the amount of wins by Williams or the amount of Water slides at the neighbouring Aquarena?

They're the same, both 21!
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