Pre-GP Quiz 2014 Canadian Grand Prix


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It's that time of year where the circus leaves Monaco by the harbour, ducks around Spain, crosses the Atlantic, sneaks through the gap between Nova Scotia and Newfoundland to head down the St. Laurence River, to a small strip of land called the Ile-Notre-Dame in Montreal. If it was travelling by boat, that is.

Actually, now is the time for the quiz relating to said race...

1. How many of the 44 Canadian Grands Prix have taken part at the Ile-Notre-Dame?

34, with 8 at Mosport Park and 2 at Mont Tremblant

2. The race has been held in June every year since 2 hours of wet running in September1981, won by which Francophone?

Jacques Laffite, for Ligier

3. The most successful driver in Canadian GP history is Michael Schumacher with 7 wins. Which driver joins Lewis Hamilton in 2nd with 3?

Nelson Piquet, surprisingly in 1982, 1984 and 1991

4. Canada's only ever constructor was Stebro, who started one Grand Prix at Watkins Glen in 1963. Where did co-founder Peter Broeker finish?

7th place, just the small amount of 22 laps down on winner Graham Hill and 11 laps outside Carel Godin de Beaufort's final point position

5. The 8th June marks the anniversary of the death of the winner of the 1966 Italian Grand Prix. He died in 1968 but who is he?

Ludovicio Scarfiotti

6. In 1988, with Canada the 5th race of the season and McLaren having won the lot, who shared the Canadian podium with Messers Prost and Senna?

Thierry Boutsen, for Benetton

7. Fill in the gap:

Webber, Vettel, Button, Kubica, Raikkonen, ______, Raikkonen, Raikkonen

Fastest Laps in Canada 2013 counting back to 2004.

8. Ferrari have not won at Monaco since 2001 or Canada since 2004. Aside from Austria, where is the next Grand Prix that they haven't won since 2004?


9. Before Marussia in Monaco, who were the last team to score their first ever WCC points?

Mercedes in 2010 in Bahrain. No WCC in 1954/55 ;)
However, due to my kind and generous nature, half a point for Force India, Belgium 2009.
Although if you thought I was looking for a new start-up it'd be Super Aguri, Spain 2007. Quarter-point for that.

10. Robert Kubica and Jean Alesi both won their only Grands Prix in Canada. Which driver scored his one and only pole position in Canada, before winning the Grand Prix the following year?

Peter Revson 1972/73
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4.5, however that is including a point for Q5
Scarfiotti won the Italian GP, not Monaco, which was Stewart.
tooncheese -
Yeah, I think I typed Mon and just finished it with "aco" rather than "za" for some reason. Autopilot for the last three weeks, I think! Edited!
3 but hoping for a bit more

I said Brawn, which was since Force India (0.5 points) and must qualify as different from Honda for the same reasons as FI is distinct from Jordan. Plus it is almost as much of startup as Super Aguri (0.25 points), no? I think I should get 0.75 points for that!

Oh, and I'm kicking myself about Q8 because I remembered Massa's domination there but forgot that his engine failed with 3 laps to go
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