Pre-GP Quiz 2013 Monaco Grand Prix

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Did you miss me? I hope I didn't keep you waiting too long!

1. How many corners from the 1950 Monaco Grand Prix have the same name as that of 2013?


2. The 1950 Monaco Grand Prix had which three records for Ferrari? A third of a point each.

First race in Formula 1 for Scuderia Ferrari
First podium finish for Scuderia Ferrari
First points for Scuderia Ferrari

3. The amount of laps in the 1950 Monaco Grand Prix subtract the current number of laps (From 2012)

22, half a point between 20-24

4. Juan Manuel Fangio took what achievement for the first time ever?

First Grand Chelem in Formula One history (pole, fastest lap, win and lead every lap).

5. Excluding retirements, what was Ayrton Senna's worst finish at Monaco?

P3 in 1986

6. Since 2004, how many people have won the Monaco Grand Prix and went on to be World Champion?


7. How many current sovereign city-states have hosted a Grand Prix?

Three, Monaco, Singapore and San Marino, the two that haven't are Malta and the Vatican City

8. Niki Lauda won the 1975 Monaco Grand Prix, but who had their final race?

Graham Hill

9. In which year did both Mclaren cars fail to qualify?

1983 with Niki Lauda and John Watson

10. How many dice would it take to cover the track surface?

101,239,313.75, a point for anything between 101,000,000-102,000,000, five bonus points for being exactly on!

Don't score too highly this time!
3 and 1/3

Malta a city state ?? I thought Malta was an Island Republic with Valletta as its capital ??
gethinceri - Yeah, I said that 1,000,000 dice could fit on the track, and the dice I was thinking of had a surface area equal to 1/1,000,000th of the surface area of the Monaco circuit?

Can I have another point?LOL
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