Pre-GP Quiz 2013 Korean Grand Prix


Right, next up is Korea, so let's test your knowledge of one of the worst F1 races/venues on the calendar.

1) To the nearest 0.1 of a kilometre, how long is the circuit?

5.6 (actual distance is 5.615, have half a point for either 5.5 or 5.7)

2) The Korean race is one of five races to run anti-clockwise. For 1/4 of a point each, name the other races.

Singapore, Abu Dhabi, USA and Interlagos

3) Name the previous winners of the Korean Grand Prix (from 2010 onwards)

Alonso and Vettel

4) How many cars retired from the 2010 race?

5) And how long did the 2010 race last in hours and minutes (winner's time)?
2hrs, 48 mins (don't worry about the seconds) 1/2 a point for 5 minutes either way

6) How many laps has Kamui Kobayashi completed in the three Korean races held so far?
125 (55 in 2010, 54 in 2011, and 16 in 2012) 1/2 a point for five laps either way

7) How many days before the inaugural race was the FIA final inspection of the circuit?

8) Who set the fastest lap in the 2012 race?
Mark Webber

9) And, to the nearest second, what was that time?
1:42 (102 seconds, actual time was 1:42.037) 1/2 a point for a second either way

10) And finally, name the drivers who have led at least a lap in Korea.
Vettel and Alonso. If you said anyone but these two, you score 0 for this question. Sorry!!
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