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Karun Chandok's pops, Vicky, has a guest editorial in this week's Autosport. He say the chances of F1 returning to India are greatly improved because it just was recognised by the International Olympic Committee.

If you're like me. you read that and think, "Huh? F1? In the Olympics?"

IOC recognition, as it happens, supports promoter's claims that F1 is a sport, not "entertainment." Entertainment in India is taxed at higher rates than sports. And that distinction is the reason for the tax serpent that rears its ugly head every time F1 comes to Delhi.

He also suggests F1 needs to price itself in relation of what India pays for tickets to watch its favourite sport, cricket. A premium cricket ticket is
6000/£60, and he suggests
5000/£50 for F1 tickets. But even if you doubled this year's attendance (65,000), at £50 a head, that only comes to £6.5M, which still leaves promoters scrambling to come up with the other €21M to pay Bernie's pound of flesh.

He also believes it would boost attendance if there still were an Indian driving in F1, and it would count double if he drove for Force India.

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Maybe F1 should have waited until other forms of motor racing had become reasonably popular, without some understanding the spectators would have gone away confused. Throwing people in at the deep end is fine if you want to reduce the population.
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