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I quite enjoyed it. Perez running in second, with no real idea who he would be racing at the end. Vettel and Grosjean fighting through the pack, as an event, I thought it was quite compelling. Vettel maintains his 100% record in India, and wins a fourth consecutive WDC, and Red Bull the fourth WCC.

I gave it an 8.
Unfettered racing!!

Is it mainly when people don't defend their position in order to preserve tyres that offends? I thought the Rosberg / Massa, Hamilton / Perez, Alonso / JEV / Button, Alonso / Ricciardo scraps had lots of fetter :)
Once again we saw drivers holding back so that they would gain an advantage by being not being first at the DRS line. What a load of utter rubbishy codswallop pissing cowpat stupid shit has F1 come to.

There were some good battles, fortunately there were plenty of times when the drivers were so close that only one of them got the DRS advantage, third and onwards in the line had no advantage over the rest. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!
Tried watching this load of BS again and even my computer decided to go to sleep! Somehow even it knew I had stopped paying attention. It was just as I remembered from the Beeb afternoon re-run anyway and i can't be bothered to watch the last third of the race again. It gets a 4 + 1 for the only real squabble and Alonso's subsequent and singularly real overtake in the entire race.
Most unsatisfactory. :(
The DRS was particularly annoying here but the main disturbing feature of this race weakend was the appalling directing. Throughout free practice and qualifying I had to sit through countless warm up and cooling off laps, the director missed every hot lap without exception! Then during the race there was the battle between Felipe and Lewis where they were separated by just a sixth of a second for the best part of 8 laps. During which time Lewis rooted his tyres and the director focused his attention unrelentingly on the battle for 13th which was not evolving or threatening to be interesting. We saw lots of overtakes, one of which I believe was live but I wouldn't bet more than a shilling on it. :(
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Well Vettel certainly wasn't. The pole sitter who has been in clear air all the time comes in to change tyres after two laps. Garbage.

Edit for brain fade.
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RoGro on new softs though, I was getting excited at the prospect of Seb fighting his way through but a combination of saving tyres and him being around a minute faster than anyone he came up to ruined that dream!
The idea is that you don't pit for tyres when they are worn out, you pit before. He could have got to lap whatever but chose to pit on lap 2 because it was his strategy.
Well Vettel certainly wasn't. The pole sitter who has been in clear air all the time comes in to change tyres after five laps. Garbage.
It wasn't five laps, it was two.

But they didn't wait for Vettel's tyres to go off. The early pit stop was a strategic move, driven in part by the fact that for some silly reason, Vettel set his Q3 best time on tyres that already had seen two hot laps during free practice, so he had the oldest set of soft tyres on the grid. Which was why Horner sent him back out with a minute and half remaining in Q3 on a new set of softs to try to better his P1 time. But he failed, which forced a change in race strategy. Because Webber had qualified P2 on mediums, Horner reckoned Vettel's race pace on mediums should be as fast as the others who started on softs, which is why he took off at the start like a scalded dog (2.5 sec lead on the opening lap). And by lap 4, Vettel was lapping as fast on the mediums as Hamilton, Rosberg and Massa were on the softs.
As my mother used to say to me....

Isn't it time you got a haircut, when are you going to tidy your room, how do you expect to be taken seriously when you dress like that...

Ah, those were the days, not a care in the world - I could walk right out that door and not come back for ages!
7, would have been an 8 but -1 for DRS.

Saw some great individual performances, interesting strategy, Rosberg, Perez, Massa and Grosjean beating their WDC team mates and special mention to a storming drive from Grosjean. Icing on the cake was the ice man nicking fastest lap on what would/should have been the most unbelievable record weekend for Seb.
6- looked like we would have a fasinating race but it turned into a bit of an anti-climax. Racing wasn't brilliant either, DRS zone unneccesarily extended so peopls just sailed past each other with virtually no skill involved
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