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I gave it a 7 - the race was pretty dull but it was made more enjoyable by Vettel's celebrations and Grosjean's podium.
I varied between a 4 and a 6. First 20 laps were interesting due to all the different strategies. On about lap 20 I found myself dozing off after realising the inevitability of a Seb win. Great drive by Grosjean, and kudos to Perez and Rosberg too. A pretty average race generally though and DRS passes too easy so 5 from me.
10 from me. Not for the victory but for all the action and uncertainty from everyone else. I had no idea who was where (behind the Red Bulls of course) and it all played out completely differently to how I expected!
6. Got entertaining by the end, although a shorter DRS zone and a bit of difficulty for Vettel would have been appreciated. He'd have won the damn title anyway!

Oh, and top drives from cars 4, 6 and 8!
5 as ever Vettel disappeared after lap 1 despite his pit stop and coming back through the field no one was making him work for it - an indication sometimes maybe what is wrong with PIrelli tyres

Whilst the DRS was better this time

the margin of victory once again crushing
4 an interesting start but it was fairly mundane in the middle. Predictable finish. It didn't do much to liven up my day!
I can't quite put my finger on why exactly but I feel like in the last couple of races I'm just watching F1 out of habit more than enjoyment, there doesn't seem to be any excitement in it. Maybe it's because what was looking like an interesting championship battle before the summer break turned in to Vettel domination after it. Maybe because most of the overtaking we see is just driving round the guy in front on the straights. I've been more positive than most up until recently but I just can't get away from the fact that F1 just isn't gripping me like it normally does right now.

As for this race, there was some interest at the start with the varying strategies and a bit towards the end too. For me the middle seemed to fizzle out. I think it was probably better than Japan and we saw a few good drives and Vettel crowned champion so I'll give it what I think is an extremely generous 6.
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5 - Felt ominous very early on after Webber and Alonso's collisions. The overtakes were largely uncontested, and the director was missing a lot of the action down the field.
No defensive action, except Massa but I think that was mainly due to to the lack of Mercedes straight line speed, and not even a championship battle, Seb will probably go down as one of the most undeserving four times world champions (if that was even possible) despite being one of the most dominant, so five, but I just couldn't find myself getting excited for him, unlike in 2010
Edit: Doughnuts though!
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I gave it a 4, nothing really enthused me and as previously mentioned it was pretty much a foregone conclusion after quali, a few decent battles on odd strategies but it's a terrible circuit and I for one won't be sad to see it go next year.
Missed the donuts earlier - might gone plus a point or two for that. As usual for 2013 the race was compromised by rubbish tyres and dumb DRS, but great to see driver emotion and when you're on your fourth straight title you should show the world you're happy!
I think to be honest the TV crew should focus the race from 2nd backwards after Vettel disappears into the distance after lap 1.. again little things today like when Hamilton locked up because Seb either braked late or ran wide at turn 3 before pulling away seems to work in Seb's favour
I gave it four because it rhymes with poor...

As good a reason as any; I stopped watching as soon as the first 10 were over the line
- so only saw the do-nuts because I came back into the room and hadn't changed channel.

Only the WTA tennis final could possibly have been less interesting sports viewing this weekend, and I avoided that!
..... oh, and maybe boxing if there was any on.... or people in cages kicking lumps off each other.... or people in swimming pools doing mexican waves ..... or people on snowboards showing off, but not falling off enough .... or despicable people on horses forcing them to do the foxtrot.... or tortured looking kids running around waving ribbons in the air ..... or .....

Oh, pooh, Formula One isn't that bad after all ..... still only a 4 for this one though!
F1 is a hollow interpretation of it's former self - some remember the real thing but are happy it still exists in any form. Others hark back to the 'glory days', sometimes without experiencing them, and yet others just want to see racing, in any form.

All are sadly misled by F1. Smoke and mirrors - nothing is real
I'm a bit confused what people want from a race these days. It probably includes someone other than Vettel winning, but India had everything else: multi-corner duels (many involving Alonso for some reason), differing strategies, uncertainty about who was where right up until the last lap. The back straight on the first lap with Massa and the Mercs is surely worth a few points just for that.

Forget Vettel if you don't want to see him always winning. Enjoy the rest of it!
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