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The Emperor of the Apex has requested a quiz for each race. So here is the first Pre-Race Quiz since 2009, which is going to be related to the race next week!

1. Each of Spain's 26 wins have been scored by one Fernando Alonso Díaz. In which year did he win his home Grand Prix?


2. The last Grand Prix held on the 22nd May was in Monaco in 2005. Which team scored its last double podium?

Williams; with Nick Heidfeld 2nd and Mark Webber 3rd

3. The Spanish race will also be the 50th anniversary of who's first Grand Prix win?

Wolfgang "Taffy" Von Trips at Zandvoort

4. Other than the Circuit de Catalunya, which other circuit débuted in 1991?


5. Who sat on pole at the first Spanish GP at the Catalunya?

Gerhard Berger - a rare pole for a Senna team-mate

6. Which team scored their first podium as a result of Mika Hakkinen's last lap failure in 2001?

BAR with Jacques Villeneuve

7. In which year did Pedro de la Rosa score his best qualifying performance in Barcelona?

2010, with a 12th for Sauber

8. Who's Barcelona record is this:


Jarno Trulli 1997-2010

9. Rank these in order of most Spanish Grand Prix podiums:

Two points for 5 right, one point for 3 right, half a point for 2 right

[bg=#FF6666]a) Gilles Villeneuve[/bg]
[bg=#CCCC33]b) Jackie Stewart[/bg]
[bg=#66FF66]c) Mario Andretti[/bg]
[bg=#33CCCC]d) Carlos Pace[/bg]
[bg=#6666FF]e) Niki Lauda[/bg]

[bg=#66FF66]c) 4[/bg][bg=#CCCC33]b) 3[/bg][bg=#6666FF]e) 2[/bg][bg=#FF6666]a) 1[/bg][bg=#33CCCC]d) 0[/bg]

Good luck, and see you next week for Monaco!
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