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Artist, that's only the pit lane time, not the actual pitstop itself. But let's go with it any way. Where do you get Button coming out 3.3 secs ahead of Vettel? Cheer, Artist.
Artist, what was Vettel's lead over Button at the end of Lap 15? Just out of curiosity? And, then, as you say, he re-joined the track about 3+ seconds behind following his Lap 16 pitstop. Wonder what happened, other than that 3.3 seconds extra stop. Curious!

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Ray.... Race gaps at the end of each lap can be found here:

At the end of lap 14, the gap between Vettel and Button was 3.775

Lap 15, Vettel did a very slow lap (1:21.288, compared with his previous lap of 1:20.049). This suggests that his tyres were beginning to fade... Vettel's outlap was also slow - I believe it was (in total) 1.9 slower than Button's....

Whilst it is possible that without the mistake, Vettel could have come out of the pits ahead of Button, I still maintain that it would have been mighty touch and go, and it is perfectly possible that Button would have sent one up the inside at the chicane whilst Vettel was getting tyre temperature!
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Perhaps a good part of Vettel's out lap being 1.9 secs slower than Button had more to do with Button being on (the faster) Super-Softs in relation to Vettel's Softs. Meaning that, perhaps, Button was faster because he was on a faster tyre and, perhaps, he was "too fast" - i.e. took too much out of them in an effort to build a gap whilst Vettel was "taking care" of his slower tyre. Ya? Cheers, Artist!


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