Poll 2011 Monaco Grand Prix Chump of the Weekend

2011 Monaco Grand Prix Chump of the Weekend

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Before everyone votes for Hamilton, look at the breakdown for the race and see what actually happened. I'll be taking my time over this vote as there are a lot of contenders.
Once again I'll wait to hear what others have to say, but my finger is hovering over Lewis.

Since his dreadful decision not to put a banker lap in early in Q3, he just got worse and worse throughout the weekend.
It has to be either Lewis or di Resta. Paul's only a rookie and this his first poor race, so I can only think of Lewis as a candidate. Bumped his way round the race track, got mugged by Schumi whilst asleep, and ruined a great drive from Maldonado. Should have spoken his mind to the team in qualifying instead of going along and blaming them later. And then made a mess of his only quali lap. Think that's all, but an unusually poor race for Hamilton
Lewis' weekend goes from bad to worse...

He just said, when asked why the stewards target him so much: "Maybe it's because I'm black" :o
I think there'll be repercussions for that.

he's definitely starting to get rattled, and it all stemmed from very poor Q3 strategy.
It's between Paul Di Resta, Alguersuari or Hamilton.

Alguersuari was first one to drop out in qualifying, was racing the Lotus, or Loti, while his team-mate was much further up, then he crashed into the back of Hamilton, well it was a domino effect caused by Sutil.

Di Resta, caught up in a few incidents, got a penalty, and was 2 laps down I think? While Sutil was in the points, and was a lap down.

Hamilton, well his comments and his actions throughout the weekend have been poor, two investigations, if he gets another penalty with the Maldonado incident, he would deserve it. Looked like a promising weekend for him up to Q3, but it's just went right down, and I think he should have got black flagged with his rear wing hanging down like that, but the team left him out for a couple of laps before the red flags, that was dangerous (not Hamilton's fault) but that was dangerous.

I think out of all those three Alguersuari and Hamilton are the worthy candidates
I have to go with Hamilton here. He seemingly had contact with half the field. His performance realtive to Button was dreadful the entire weekend. His strategies were bad from beginning to end. I assume the drivers have some input into the strategies they adopt for a race. If not, he should insist that, from now on, he GETS some input.
I think people are being a bit unfair to Hamilton, no doubt he had a terrible weekend. But personally I think his collision with Maldonado was 50/50 and Maldonado probably should have moved. Not to mention his place in the race was exaggerated by his poor pit stop time, something which Button didn't have.

I'm going to have to vote Jaime on this one, really poor in qualifying and in the race he robbed us of the finish.

[EDIT] Crap! Just accidentally voted Button! :oops:
I think i will vote for Lewis because the rules say that overtaking is illegal if a driver turns into the corner, but if i apply the rules how i think they should be then it'd be everyone who got in Lewis' way would be the chumps. Silly anti-racing rules will always make the true racer look like a chump.
Never like Hamilton getting it but he had a nightmare weekend. FB said in chat that he needs to start calling his own shots and not listening to the team all the time.

Dishonourable mention to Alguersuari also.
I'm going for Hamilton, he seemed to get worse as the weekend went on. Made a few good overtakes and looked good for parts of the race but that doesn't mean he had a good weekend
Have gone with Petrov, simply because he started the sequence of events that led to the red flag by trying to jink left and then trying to get back at Hamilton straight away, he should have been looking further down the road. Nearly went to Algue whatsisname for also climbing all over the back of the McLaren..

I would also say that Lewis cost Jenson a win there..
It's fairly clear from most of your posts that you're fervently anti-Hamilton.

That's fine, makes no difference to me, but I doubt you will be able to objectively pass comment on most issues because of it.
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