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2011 Korean Grand Prix out of 10

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Not my cup of cake
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So what did you think of the first dry race in Korea? A Vettel win, Hamilton smiling (almost) on the podium at the end of the race and Webber 3rd.

I'm going to play my hand early and say that for me this was by far the worst race of the season. Racing round a building site with virtually no spectators, a little bit of wheel to wheel action but as soon as someone was passed they were back in front due to DRS. A big fat 1 from me, and that's only because 0 isn't an option.
I’m going to give it 8. Vettel winning all the time maybe dull but its not his fault. Webber and Hamilton’s battles were great, brilliant driving. The speed difference in the DRS zone was stupid.
When at least two thirds of the track has only one line, it is always likely to end up as it did. A few good moments, notably the coiple of laps that webber and Lewis spent side by side, but otherwise the sense that someone would get past was a lot less than normal.

Some of this is due to the coverage I feel, as there did seem to be a few battles through the field, but it just did not get me biting finger nails, or jostling my feet at all.

I don't think it was that bad, at least there were some on track battles. Though I do think without the DRS push to pass it would have been incredibly dull.
6/10. i would of voted 5.5 if ihad the option.

good battles between, Hamilton, webber and Alonso, Massa eraly on. suspense was kept up for a good while, intil the second stops for the winner.

the anti-climax of not seeing it kick off between Hamilton Webber Alonso and Button, was perhaps a bit of a downer.
Just very slightly above average today. a good if a little unspectular GP.
I didn't think it was quite as bad as some thought, but I know what you mean. Without DRS, would we have had a single overtake? There was so much field spread from T1 & 2, that KERS and splistreaming were clearly not enough even on such a long straight. I noticed that DRS was making 20kph difference to Webber once engaged...
4 - Terrible dry circuit! When the commentators (yes even they) notice that the DRS zone can give you 3/4 second a lap advantage, that's not racing, that's dumbing down.

So you have 3/4 second to the car behind on the straight, and half the rest of the circuit is an "exciting" procession - Well done Herman, another classic!
Hamilton Webber kept me edge of my seat. But hamilton happy did you say? he looked far from it. It was good to see Alonso earning his keep against Massa and Massa doing well-jumped on strategy not track. It beats both the Spanish tracks for me but not a great track.
Solid 7. Purely in terms of the racing, it might well have been better than any of the Grands Prix of 2009; it seems to me that the "set point" for a good GP has changed dramatically through accommodation to the frequency of wheel-to-wheel action at the front of the pack in 2011.

Imagine watching some dishwater-dull procession in 2009 (even as a Jenson Button fan), and being told that in 2011 a race in which the 2nd and 3rd placed drivers overtake and re-overtake twice and run nose-to-tail <1s apart for half the grand prix is considered dull! Petrov and Alonso playing chicken with the end of the straight was dull? What about Massa and Alonso forcing Rosberg into a mistake - isn't that more entertaining than seeing them either follow him round, or breeze past à la Turkey?

If DRS is going to be part of F1 (I understand the objections to it in general) then surely it was adjusted spot on today - facilitating battles and close running without making passes an inevitability?

Perhaps the premature conclusion of the WDC is disappointing to some people. It's also true that the Korea circuit looks like a building site, and that can have a significant effect on the perception of a race. For example a procession at Suzuka is still pleasing to the eye, whereas China has an undeserved reputation for dull races primarily due to its being so grey.
I've also gone 7. Not a classic but plenty of entertainment throughout the field.

Don't know how much longer they can afford to run this one though. Just had to see how many empty seats there were.
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