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1. The 2011 Italian GP will be the 7th Formula One race held on 11th September. Six of those were at Monza, which other venue hosted a race on that date?

Spa in 2005

2. Qualifying day (10th September) is a tragic day in Monza's history. The deaths of Wolfgang von Trips (in addition to several spectators), marshal Paolo Ghislimberti and the crash which claimed the life of Ronnie Peterson the next day all happened on 10th September at Monza. What did the von Trips and Peterson crashes both secure for the only two times in F1 history?

An American winning the Drivers Title (Phil Hill and Mario Andretti)

3. The 1994 Italian Grand Prix at Monza was held on 11th September. Who finished 9th in the best Benetton?

JJ Lehto

4. What did Ferrari do at the 2001 Italian Grand Prix as a tribute to those who died at 9/11?

Removed all sponsors and painted the nose black.

5. Other than Michael Schumacher, who was the last man to win the Italian GP and World Title at the same time?

Ayrton Senna in 1990

6. What is Vitantonio Liuzzi's best result this season?

13th in Canada

7. What is Toro Rosso's second best finishing position at Monza?

11th through Sebastien Buemi in 2010

8. Red Bull scored their 10th one-two in Spa. They're already the fourth best constructor in history for getting one-twos. Name a team who has secured only 2 one-twos (not counting Indy500s).

Matra (1968 Ned Stewart/Beltoise, 1969 Fra Stewart/Beltoise), Benetton (1990 Jap Piquet/Moreno, 1995 Esp Schumacher/Herbert) and (surprisingly) Renault (1982 Fra Arnoux/Prost, 2006 Mal Fisichella/Alonso). Briatore really doesn't do one-twos!

A full point for any of those constructors, maximum of one point!

9. It is the third anniversary (race) of Sebastian Vettel's first win. Did Hamilton or Alonso win on the third anniversary of their first win?

Hamilton won in Canada in 2010.
Alonso may have won but for wheel rim failure in Hungary in 2006.

10. Who was the only German Formula One winner in the years between Von Trips' death and Schumacher's first win?

Jochen Mass in Spain in 1975. And it was half-points!
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