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1. How many World Championships do the three winners of Grands Prix on 24th July have between them?

8 - 2 for Alonso [D 2005], 3 for Senna [D 1988], 3 for Brabham [NL 1966]

2. Which driver competed in the 2005 German Grand Prix at Hockenheim on 24th July, his 29th birthday?

Tiago Monteiro

3. In which year was the German Grand Prix a non-Championship sportscar race held at the Sudschliefe?


4. Other than the two Schumachers and Vettel, name the three Germans to win F1 races for a third of a point each.

Wolfgang "Taffy" Von Trips [1961 NL, GB]
Jochen Mass [1975 E]
Heinz-Harald Frentzen [1997 SM, 1999 F,I]

5. Two Germans have once sat on pole but never won a race. What do their names share?

Initials. NH. Nick Heidfeld [2005 EU] and Nico Hulkenburg [2010 BR]

6. What was Kimi Raikkonen's best result in Germany?

Amidst the last-lap blown tyres, engine failures, missing the pitlane, collisions and failures in Germany for Kimi, there were podiums in 2002 at the Nurburgring and 2006 at Hockenheim. His best result was 3rd.

7. When the German GP was held at AVUS in 1959, who scored a triple-podium?

Ferrari. The East Germans saw the reds were superior...

8. Who won the first German GP at the GP-streike?

Michele Alboreto in 1985

9. For a third of a point each, name the three drivers to win the German Grand Prix with a Mercedes engine.

Juan Manuel Fangio (1954), Mika Hakkinen (1998), Lewis Hamilton (2008)

10. In which year was Pirelli's last German GP win?

1957, the Fangio signature drive and final win
0, nil, zero, nada, nicht. I mean seriously, did you know all this??? I feel very stupid.

Any chance of an idiots quiz where I can get at least half points? :)
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