Grand Prix 2010 Italian Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

After the shenanigans earlier this week, Ferrari and their drivers will be pleased to be back at the home of the tifosi where no doubt they will get the usual adulatory worship heaped upon them.

Monza is what is commonly referred to as a power circuit so Red Bull once again won't be able to take advantage of their trick aero package. Even if it weren't such a high speed circuit, it's highly likely that most, if not all, of Red Bull's advantage will finally be nullified by the new bodywork tests to be introduced by the FIA this weekend.

McLaren have already stated that they have had to make changes to their floor so one would presume that several of the other teams will have to also. There has been a lot of talk of articulated planks, which is now assumed to be the key to Red Bull's design, so will Christian Horner once again claim the car is unchanged?

After McLaren's impressive performance at Spa they will be hoping to repeat that here and to cement their claim on both championships.
They won't have it all their own way though.

The Italian GP Preview thread confirms that traditionally Ferrari have been strong here so they too will be looking for a good result. With a bit of luck they won’t have to resort to coded messages or drivers lining up outside the grid box to engineer a good result for their championship contender.

Force India and Renault must also fancy their chances after their respective results at Belgium 2 weeks ago.

The weather forecast currently shows uninterrupted hot, dry and sunny weather for all 3 days so that’s at least one variable out of the mix.

Whatever happens, it's going to be a pivotal grand prix for the run in to the season finish.


I agree with scrapping the two tyre rule. Although maybe keeping two compounds at each event, but only allowing one for the race would be an interesting twist?

Qualify on whichever one you like, but pick one tyre type before the start and stuck with it for the race, could lead to some interesting strategy calls?

Obviously one of the types would have to be viable to last a full race, or the other one would require more than one stop. Just another random thought!


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seenathkumar said:
I really loved to watch Alonso on the podium It was a great day for Ferrari as it was their first home circuit win. :)

Seeing a Ferrari win at Monza is a sight to behold, with the crowd and their giant Ferrari flag under the podium stage. :)

Monza appears to be the only track where the FIA don't seem to mind a track invasion...


Hans Heyer
McZiderRed said:
Monza appears to be the only track where the FIA don't seem to mind a track invasion...
The track streaming is organised as stewards open the gates for the fans. If they didn't then the fans would get to the trac anyway, albiet breaking the fence on the way. I think Monza are the only track that do this.
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