Le Mans 2008 Le Mans 24 Hours

Its the le mans 24 heurs this weekend, who do you think will win?

i can see the Audis winning it yet again, but i hope not. A differant winner would be a welcome change
Sadly won't be able to watch it as we're off on holiday for 2 weeks this weekend.

First order of business when we get there will be to find a bar with Sky so I can watch the French GP lol
Sounds like your predictions were pretty much spot on Penske! Though GT2 shouldn't have been too difficult really!

It was a fantastic race, honestly anyone with an interest in motorsport absolutely must go to Le Mans. I went with three housemates who only had a passing interest and they were hooked.

There's nothing like sitting in the mud on the inside of Tertre Rouge at 3am, watching the best drivers in the world sliding their way past in the rain, with the excellent Radio Le Mans commentary under your (essential) ear defenders. You can't beat it.

Well done to Tom Kristensen, Dindo Capello, Allan McNish and the whole Joest Audi crew. It's good to be reminded that endurance racing isn't purely a sprint these days, as we're often told, and good teamwork and intelligent strategy can reap rewards too.
Sorry to drag this old topic back up, but I've been watching the ALMS race at Sebring Here, and Brourdais is running 3rd... He races in Melbourne in about a week! He will be like this >>>

I like the race so far, but can't stand the foreign commentary though! :disappointed:

Edit: Foreign they may be, in an American way!, but quite informative.
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