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14 questions for '14 you say? No. Tough.

Q1. Red Bull - is this the big change?

The last turbo era saw the rise of Project 4 as the dominant force in F1. That meant a few stars must fall - Brabham effectively started to die. Will Red Bull's pre-eminence survive the winter?

Q2 Lotus - The Finance Department

The brains are quite clearly there. Can they get the money?

Q3 - Kimi

An enigma wrapped in a mystery about to be put to the biggest test of his career.

Q4 - The Red Menace

They're scarcely winning more than McLaren now! With those drivers don't expect superb qualifying, but give them a good car and there'll be no excuses.

Q5 - Recovery Quotient of Racing Concern

Whitmarsh. Nice guy. F1 team principal? Needs a big year.

Q6 - Jan II?

Magnussen's family needs to be the reverse Andretti. If he's as good as McLaren think he is, Button's inevitable TV pundit career will be hastened. Is he?

Q7 - Just how good is Lewis Hamilton?

Is he just too inconsistent to win another title? Or is he just hampered by a poor silver box all the time? Time may tell.


Are the recruitment scouts going to be given more room for embarrassment?

Q9 - Sauber's Weird Mix

Gutierrez and Sutil? Will they be achieving something and if they do could someone else do better?

Q10 - Bernie

How will he avoid jail?

Q11 - Kyvat

Will Kyvat show his potential off, and if so, what'll be his reward? And will Vergne get to the end of the season?

Q12 - Calendar or Collander?

There's too many races. Who is for the chop?

Q13 - Catussia - & the point is?

If not now then when? They've had the rule changes, they've had the new engines. If they're not going to make headway now, they're not.

Q14 - Will Chilton finish every race?

Doubt it.
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