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It's still a few months away but the software will be updated some time later this year.

There are lots of new features which are listed here: Have you seen...?

From an end user perspective, these two are probably of the most interest:

Will all the changes be implemented at once ? And I assume CTA is a discussion forum, does that stay the same ?
The features will all be in version 2.2 but they may not all be implemented here at once as I will need time to determine if they will be of any use here and set them up, etc.

CTA fundamentally won't change though - it will remain a basic discussion forum as it is now.
If the site suddenly dies or changes a horrible shade of magenta and lime green, it's because I have accidentally logged into the live site, rather than my localhost installation.

Which I very nearly did just now :D
It's growing on me ...


The upgrade went well on the test site.

Lots of stuff to configure and set up but so far, no blocking issues.

Depending on how well the Beta 2 upgrade goes, I should be able to get the site upgraded within the next week or so.
Already sorted.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 and social distancing requirements, they are virtual drinks over Google Hangouts, and therefore you have to supply your own.
It should look a lot better at all widths - there are 4 different layouts so small screens aren't cluttered with loads of buttons.

Everything is still available by clicking on the three dots though, like so:

Let me know your thoughts on the article layout style.

If done properly with images and text, it looks like this: Have you seen...?

Or we can revert to the standard list view.
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