Notice New features coming soon with XenForo 1.3


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There will be another large update being rolled out soon(ish). XenForo will shortly be upgraded to version 1.3.

For an idea of what the changes will be, please see these threads:

To summarise, the changes are:
  • Smiley Management Enhancements
  • Various Moderation Improvements
  • Custom BB Codes
  • Google+/Twitter Registration, User Upgrade Logs, Censor Improvement
  • EXIF Rotation, ACP Searching, Proxying and Change Logging
  • Editor Toolbar, Spoiler BB Code and MultiQuote

I have also embedded some of the videos here for those who can't be arsed to click the link ;)

Please feel free to comment, ask questions, etc.

Yes, it will be a totally new implementation too.

We're currently using a third party add-on for bb codes and spoilers, which I have to say has been great and without it we couldn't have switched from the old software, but it will be nice to have it in the core.
Found the selecting what smileys you want, thing interesting.
Are the smileys standardised in the core program or do you have to add them yourself?
I know you added the face palm yourself last year.
Just wondering if ours are going to change.
This should probably be in the site suggestion thread, but here goes.

You know what is missing, is a 'post to Facebook' and 'post to twitter' button for peoples comments.

That would help pull in the punters.

You could also have an option to post users comments to the CTA twitter account and CTA Facebook account (which is a bit spartan)
Have you tried clicking on the Share link at the bottom right corner of each post?

I don't use the CTA FB account at all - in my experience people who primarily use FB have no interest in joining and posting on forums.

To be fair, it's not as in your face as it is on other pages, it's quite subtle.

I have actually made it more obvious than the default, which has it linked to the #9 post number.
Thanks Brogan

I learned a lot here. The drop down BB code tags will be really handy. I always have to look codes up because I forget them. Even though they're quite intuitive I don't really feel the urge to use them.

I hadn't realised images could be "dragged and dropped" either. Anything that speeds up posting "YOST" and Rooters stuff is very welcome indeed!:D
Thanks Brogan I have dipped into that occasionally but I find that your updates here in "Pit Lane" are most useful to me as just "a user". By getting to the nitty gritty of what we can actually use and how your heads-ups and insights are invaluable and very much appreciated.
As part of the preparation for upgrading to 1.3, there will be some changes over the coming days and weeks.

I am attempting to make future upgrades and maintenance much simpler by removing all manually edited code and templates.

As such, you may see stuff disappear and reappear.
Lots of changes made in the past few days.

Still got some work to do before we can upgrade to XenForo 1.3 but hopefully it won't be too long.
I just need to rewrite the custom BB Code we use as it is now a core function and then I can look at upgrading the site.

With a bit of luck it will be within the next week.

Everything seems to be in place so I will be upgrading the site later this evening.

If the site is completely borked and unavailable, you know why ;)
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