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In the 2019 thread one of our forum members appears to be displaying symptoms of the Corona Virus with his coughing. I hope he recovers soon. Anyway, I guess its time to drag out the creative side of our membership and ask for people to step forward to create our pre-race weekend PQR threads. If you are unsure of the format just look at previous years.

Last year it was like pulling teeth with people dropping out all over the shop or not sticking anything up until the last moment.

1) Please don't sign up unless you fully intend to go through with it.

2) The PQR Thread must be up no later than the Wednesday after the previous race or, in the case of one week gaps, the Monday.

3) The content is up to you but put some love into it.

Thanks in advance.



Austrian Grand Prix - F1Brits_90
Styrian Grand Prix - FB
Hungarian Grand Prix - cider_and_toast
British Grand Prix - gethinceri
The Anniversary GP - Galahad
Spanish Grand Prix - RasputinLives

Belgian Grand Prix - cider_and_toast
Italian Grand Prix - F1Brits_90
Toscana Grand Prix - Galahad
Russian Grand Prix - FB
Eifel Grand Prix (Nuerburgring) - F1Brits_90
Portuguese Grand Prix - cider_and_toast
Emilia Romagna Grand Prix (Imola) - Titch
Turkish Grand Prix - RasputinLives
Bahrain Grand Prix - Volunteer Required
Sakhir Grand Prix (Bahrain) - FB
Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - Volunteer Required

Australian Grand Prix - Cancelled due to a slight sniffle the start of a global pandemic
Bahrain Grand Prix - Cancelled due to a shortage of Bernie like "show will go on" attitude.
Chinese Grand Prix - Cancelled because they started it.
Vietnam Grand Prix - Cancelled due to Jane Fonda becoming unavailable.
Netherlands Grand Prix - Cancelled due to falling trade as a result of a number of American states legalising Dope.
Monaco Grand Prix - Cancelled because the rich people don't want to catch something nasty from the plebs.
Azerbaijan Grand Prix - Cancelled due to wobbly manhole covers.
Canadian Grand Prix - Cancelled due to it being on the same continent as Donald Trump
French Grand Prix - Cancelled due to a survey that showed being in total isolation lock down was likely to be more exciting than the race.
Singapore Grand Prix - Cancelled due to night time actually being for bedtime not racing

Japanese Grand Prix - Cancelled due to a general lack of interest
U. S. Grand Prix - Cancelled because Donald Trump couldn't have a confederate flag flying event
Mexican Grand Prix - Cancelled due to a lack of a newly built border wall that they haven't paid for
Brazilian Grand Prix - Cancelled because their President is too busy trying to be a bigger cock than Trump
I must say the rush to sign up has been overwhelming. Thank you to those at the head of the stampede.
Don't feel like you have to as there are hoards of other people waiting to get through on our jammed phone lines.

But OK, if you insist.

Well it gives you the first four and then maybe you'll get other volunteers or cancelled races after that. Who knows.
I can't be arsed. Too busy in the fake betting shop LOL

*cough* pre race quiz sign up *cough*
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