Notice Wanted PQR Thread Writers for the 2019 Season.


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Hello peeps.

Time to fire your brains up and get your keyboard fingers ready as we pass around the hat and call for PQR Thread Writers for the season ahead.

For those new to the task, welcome as Martin Brundle would say, please pitch in and give it a try. All are welcome and there's plenty of old hands available to pass on advice.

Post your requests for races and I'll add you to the list:

Mar 17 Australia FB
Mar 31Bahrain cider_and_toast
Apr 14 China Olivier
Apr 28 Azerbaijan RasputinLives
May 12 Spain Angel
May 26 Monaco F1Brits_90
Jun 9 Canada FB
Jun 23 France cider_and_toast
Jun 30 Austria BradMan
Jul 14 Great Britain Greenlantern101
Jul 28 Germany RasputinLives
Aug 4 Hungary cider_and_toast
Sep 1 Belgium Angel
Sep 8 Italy FB
Sep 22 Singapore Olivier
Sep 29 Russia RasputinLives
Oct 13 Japan Titch
Oct 27 Mexico F1Brits_90
Nov 3 USA Angel
Nov 17 Brazil gethinceri
Dec 1 Abu Dhabi BradMan
Thanks cider_and_toast

I was making some gravy earlier and suddenly what I want to say about Spa starts popping into my head!! The race isn't until the end of August!! I will have to write down what bit I have if only to get it out of my brain. :oLOL
Would you like Oz up a bit earlier to let everyone get over excited or the usual two weeks before?
A bit earlier could be good mate. It could give some of our newbies a chance to see a PQR Thread in action.
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