Who do you think is going to win this year ? Personnally i hope MIKKO wins , eg like schumi in F1 it's time for a new champion. This year's battle is tight, only 1 point separates them both. (Has anybody heard any more if the WRC will carry on , because i don't know if everybody came to an agreement ,teams and tv coverage ). Probably has a lot to do with money . Does Dave Richards still have the TV rights to the WRC. Going back to my original topic, Leob is getting his toughest test this year .Ford have had a couple of suspension failures at crucial moments, losing them and drivers valuable points letting CITREON close in on FORD for the constructors title. Mikko just needs to remain cool and he will win the title and i for one will be over the moon. :ok: not that i'm a biased or anything but FORD FOR CHAMPIONS :whistle:
If Loeb can win in Finland, I can't see Hirvonen stopping him on the remaining asphalt rounds of the championship, of which there are quite a few.

Mikko and Ford have put up a good fight but I can't see past Citroen for both titles, barring a massive calamity.
Unfortunately i have to agree with you gordon, it looks like very unlikely that HIRVONEN will win. I still have very high hopes for ford to take the constructors title . It still astonishes me when CITREON brought out the new C4 it was immediately on the pace. I shouldn't have been surprised because i think they just took everything off of the old CITREON XARA. Subaru are slightly off the pace , but i don't think i will be saying that next year . Lets hope we will still be watching rallying for a few years to come .
"Subaru are slightly off the pace"

I'll say. 90 seconds behind on the FIRST DAY in Finland. That's a lot of time to make up - and that's with the new car.

I don't think Solberg's heart is in it any more, might be best for both parties to separate.
Loeb struggled in germany lol lol lol . I dont think he will be beaten to the championship now . i think ford will still win constructors title. Your right gordon , SUBARU ARE NOWHERE THE PACE
It must be extremely disheartening for the rest of the drivers.

Loeb is on a different level compared to the rest of the field.
Although you have to admire his skill, in many respects it's bad for the sport and he's in danger of doing to the WRC what Schumacher did to F1.
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