Williams dilemma


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Williams could have a choice of 3 or 4 drivers to partner Pastor Maldonado, yet we're still waiting on an announcement.

Williams choices:

Rubens Barrichello:

The most experienced man in F1. He's been in F1 for 20 years nearly will Williams do the fitting thing and allow him to enter a 20th year in F1 and retire come the end of the year?

Adrian Sutil:

At this moment in time he's without a drive. After finishing the 2011 season in good forum, surely he'll be a prime canditate for the position. He's also experienced in the sport having spent 5 years within the same team under different names.

Vitlay Petrov:

He could bring Williams some much need finance from his Russia. He's had two almost good years at Renault and could maybe, be a good canditate for a the seat.

Bruno Senna:

The Nephew of the great late Ayrton Senna. Well i think he can consider himself alittle unlucky to not have found a drive in F1 Yet. He has the money to bring to Williams and really hasn't had the best starts in F1 as HRT are a terrible team and the Renault team scrapped the building of their car when he got a seat. Could Senna be reunited with his former I-Sport teammate at Williams?

So there we have it, who do you reckon should partner Pastor Maldonado this season?
Without knowing the state of the balance sheet at Grove it is very difficult to say. Dropping from sixth to ninth in the constructors' has cost them over $10m in prize money, plus the loss of AT&T and who knows which other sponsors.

If things are really bad, Senna. If not, Barrichello.
For me personally i'd like to see Barrichello have his well deserved swan-song and finish F1 in his 20th season. I believe we shouldn't leave things like this for him as he deserves to say goodbye to F1 once and for all and to have people to celebrate it. The other 3 still have time on their sides and would be able to get themselves signed up to a team nice and early for 2013. But for now i truly believe that Rubens needs to say goodbye to the F1 world in style.
Think Sutil should get it, he's worthy, for him to lose out to Barrichello (who has to go) or Senna or Petrov would be a shame, he's had a good season, and as Hammy says, hes on good "forum". The team would grow with him.

If he doesn't get it, then I would like Petrov to get the seat, he was an exciting driver in 2011, him, and Schumacher made the midfield exciting for me. He's fast, aggressive and is willing to push his own team-mate into the pits to achieve a good result (see Turkey 2011).

I think Bruno Senna should be the last one to be in the frame, but money talks and seems as if he's their prime target.

They should get Sutil or keep Barrichello if they want to progress. But I would like it, if they got the crazy skeleton looking Russian :)
I think all of these drivers probably deserve a seat more than Maldonado, but that's another story. For me, Sutil is by far the best option excluding factors like sponsorship.
In days of yore Williams would have gone for Bottis. The young Finn has been their test driver for a couple of seasons, knows the team inside out, has been working on the simulators day in day out and showed genuine speed at the Abu Dhabi test.

But these aren't days of yore, these are days of now so it'll probably be Senna. With their second driver being Maldonado the best choice of those four is obviously Rubens because I don't care what anyone says about him being old and 'having to go' if I owned an F1 team and had to trust one of those 4 to bring me a result home then Rubens is my choice through and through.
I was in favour of Sutil for a long time but his issues outside racing have probably put him out of the frame; Williams need sponsors and a tarnished driver won't help no matter how fast he may be.

That leaves Barrichello, Petrov and Senna...

It probably should be Barrichello for most of the reasons he himself has given and he has made the effort to get sponsorship. However, I suspect the balance sheets will finally make the decision and it will be Senna because he is more marketable than Petrov. In my uneducated opinion there isn't much between Petrov and Senna as far as what they can bring to the team.
No-one updated this yet! Senna is to partner Maldonado. Apparently money wasn't involved but Bruno was sporting an Embratel logo on his Williams shirt.

What now for Rubinho?
I've mentioned in another thread, if Ferrari are clever they'd take Barrichello on as a test/reserve driver. I really do think that they'd benefit loads by having him there in the back-ground. Massa would certianly welcome having his mate around, it would mean someone would be on his side and i think his performances would improve on the whole aswell.
Senna was always going to be first choice he has the backing of the 5th richest man in the world and Williams can't afford to turn that down.....

Also I believe he has shown he deserves a drive in F1
the Senna name in a Williams Renault is always going to be a marketing pull for the team with little money and everyone hopes Bruno helps the team win where his uncle could not tragically

Its a huge risk for Williams but keeping Rubens for another season leaves them in the same position for 2013 because they will have to think about when to tell Rubens to quit and Pastor may not improve

they could not any lower so the only way is up
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