BTCC Why everyone should watch BTCC

Funnily enough we were talking about this in work today!
It is an amazing piece of driving.

99% of the time that would have been an off. Well done JP!
Andrea_Moda_Rules said:
What a beauty, That was just an awsome piece of Driving

If RML don't continue after that event wonder if Plato should try his hand at Rallying LOL

If he can do the whole track sideways, I heard Subaru may give him a call...... ;)
could someone help me with this?! i can't watch the BTCC in Vancouver where i live but NEED to. are there any sites that stream or any torrents of the races that you guys know of?!

sincerely, frustrated
ya it's blocked for me. SON OF A... oh well. it used to be on Speed vision here but now they just show american cars driving in circles. it sucks. i'm moving.
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