Poll Who will make it through to Q3 Malaysia 2015?

Who will make it to Q3 at the Malaysian Grand Prix?

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Leave me alone I'm on Smoko
Ok Apexers (Apexi?) Its time to put your money where your mouth is again and predict the final ten in quali for Sunday. We had some 9 out of 10s in Oz but no one had a full house. As its due to be rain rain rain this one might be a bit harder.

Once again the winner gets pride, a virtual beer and can make everyone call them Nostradamus if they like.

Anyone picking a Mclaren will get a bravery award.

So go on pick your ten and have a guess. Your predictions can't be any worse than the ones made about the weather.
Yes, you also get to meet Carol Vorderman who will, at the same time, sell you a second mortgage with added PPI, some shit vitamin supplements which will not improve your health not one iota and some pro-biotic rubbish which will probably give you the shits. As she does to me.

And here the rant endeth. Money grabbing bitch.
Back on topic, I've gone for the Noah principal with Mercs, Ferrari, Red Bull, Williams and Lotus all coming in two by two. If it's a wet dry session Pastor for pole!
Pastor to be in the gravel trap for me! 6 of them are easy and I think Danny Ric is a safe bet. Have been impressed by Sainz pace so gone for him, Grosjean seems to have speed and my last one is a gamble on Nasr becuase he seems to be on a high.

pob is the only person to vote for Perez so far - does he known something we don't?
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