Poll If Sebastian Vettel stays at Red Bull for 2014 who will be his teammate?

If Sebstian Vettel is at Red Bull for 2014 who will be his teammate?

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In my own mind I still think Ferrari are bluffing with their take on if Alonso's here then Vettel won't be coming. I think Seb's attitude this last week or so smacks of a man who wants a new challenge and I think he's all but signed up to join Ferrari. The question is will it be next year or 2015, that's the million dollar question.

We might actually see Raikkonen or Hamilton in a Red Bull seat either next year or definitely the year after :ok:.


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We'll see with Seb. Yes he gets the support from the men at the too but what about the rest of the team? Rocky has seemed very off and sarcastic with him over the weekend. Maybe the bubble has burst for Seb and he'll pick up his ball and go elsewhere. Ferrari, Mclaren, Nerc and the boys from enstone all have a driver out of contract at the end of the year so he can go where he wants and prob get a pretty penny for it too.

If he does stay though JEV is prob an option. Everyone seems keen on Ricciardo but I've always thought an on form JEV is quicker than an on form Ricciardo. Its just getting him to stay on form thats the issue.


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It's a tricky one.

You all know who I voted for.

Raikkonen - seems happy at Lotus, would he want to change teams when there's a radical rule change? Why haven't Red Bull signed him when they've been sponsoring him personally? (I heard after he came back into F1 they stopped sponsoring him). He's near the end of his career, would he want to risk going up against Vettel, someone who's nearing their prime? I don't see it happening.

Buemi - Hell yes I would love to see that happen. But they dropped him from Toro Rosso (god knows why), they've never given him a practice session, the current Toro Rosso duo are probably above him for the Red Bull seat. Love to see antlers back into acton.

Vergne - Hot and cold, inconsistent, and not great in qualifying. Race craft is very good, but he needs to beat Ricciardo soundly to have a chance at getting the drive.

Ricciardo - Has less of days than Vergne, but hasn't shown to have a spectacular race like his team-mate. Has looked slightly better than Vergne ever since they've been paired. But again needs to soundly beat Vergne as has been stated by both of them.

Webber - He's been there for a while, every year after 2010 we ask if he's going to leave the team. He hasn't done so. But will this be the last straw? He's always vocal about the team and unhappy about the situation, then why stay? Think he makes the most of the moaning, would have left by now if the situation was that bad. Near enough retirement age, is causing problems for Red Bull, he's surely got to go from both sides?

Da Costa - Highly unlikely they'll shove him into a Red Bull when he's not had an F1 race, not only would it undermine the Toro Rosso drivers, it wouldn't make much sense.

Hulkenberg - Marko did say he's looking at him as a replacement last year. But there's rumours he's Ferrari tied. Has he seriously just signed a one year contract? If he has, it could be a smart move. He is getting wasted at Sauber who just seem inconsistent, I for one hope he gets into top seat. As for him at Red Bull? Doesn't seem he'll fit into the role.

Rosberg - Hm...I don't see him leaving Mercedes. But if he gets trounced this year would Red Bull want him? Some will say yes as he'll be the "perfect number 2", some will say no since he's not up there with the best. For Rosberg, I think it's "Mercedes for life".

Massa - Hm...don't see him leaving Ferrari unless he gets dropped by them, I highly doubt Red Bull would sign him, unless it's just for a 'filler' year.

Schumacher - He's done it once, he's done it twice, three times? I highly doubt it, although he was getting much better year by year, and 2013 was plagued by too many problems that I feel he's just had enough.

If both Toro Rosso drivers are evenly matched, then I think they'll go for Hulkenberg, if not then Buemi only seems like the logical option but even that doesn't make 100% sense. I just don't see Raikkonen leaving Lotus, although he might if they don't find that 'title' sponsor.


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Mrs Overall, she's fairly slow, unknowing and rarely gets to the line without spilling everything.:)

Only a fool would want to join in the mayhem - so who is reasonably fast, stupid and willing?


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I think it's out of Kimi, Ricciardo and Hulkenberg.

Though Hamilton was touting round red bull last year, I don't think he'd want to go now. He's loving Mercedes and the challenge of developing the team. If he goes to Red Bull...and wins. Ok he'll have beaten the other two top drivers in the same car , but still people will be saying its only because of the car, it's Newey that won. And he'll be throwing away the real Mercedes chance of success which is 2014. Anything that comes his way this year is really a bonus. And Lowe comes next year. So even if Red Bull wanted to buy Lewis out of his contract I don't think he'd go.

Hulk? I hadn't thought if him but he'd be a good choice. I bet Mclaren are gnashing their teeth at not having him.

Kimi? Be great to see him in equal equipment to Vettel.

I don't think Seb would want either of those two suggestions and since he seems to be running the team I'd have to say Ricciaro is the most likely, so I vote him.

RasputinLives. Nice article :thumbsup:


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When push comes to shove ... RBR will value having a safe pair of hands ... and someone who knows their place a little bit better than Webber ... to bring them more WCC ... say hello to the new #2 at RBR (just kidding) ... Phil Massa ...


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I nearly put him in the list as well actually because his contract is up and he'd certainly fit but I think it'd only happen if things went sour for him at Mclaren because he's spent too long earning his number one status at a big team to give it up after one season.


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I can't see anyone other than someone who's prepared to play second fiddle from the start, and without a doubt that is not Raikkonnen. Rosberg is an intriguing option IMO, although the move from Merc would be a difficult for him.
It's all in my name boys and girls:

Raikkonen&Redbull = PartyTime!

Given the current state of the poll, a large percentage of the voting population feel the same way as I do! The numbers also suggest that there are only 3 viable alternatives to the incumbent Webber; namely, Raikkonen, Ricciardo or Hulkenberg.

To be perfectly frank, Ricciardo has done very little to impress me since he joined F1. If someone responds to this criticism by quoting his performance in the last race, I would like to remind them that randomness happens sometimes. In general he has proven to be fairly lacklustre in my estimation, and hardly deserving of a race seat at the championship winning team of recent years.

Disregarding Ricciardo that leaves Red Bull with 3 realistic options for next year (according to me):

1) Keep Mark.
2) Hire Hulkenberg.
3) Hire Raikkonen; and give him some vodka and Red Bull.

In my opinion, keeping Mark is the safest option. He knows the team incredibly well; he is loyal to the team, if not Vettel. He has proven quick enough to secure 3 consecutive constructor's titles, and occasionally quick enough to prove a headache for de facto number 1, Seb. However, Seb has a firm mental edge on this relationship, so I don't think having Mark as a team mate is something he would find irksome. Status quo might also prove to be the best strategy given how much things will change in 2014 under the new rules.

The next best bet would be getting hold of Hulkenberg. My suspicion is he would be as quick as Vettel, if not quite as consistent. He'd take a year (or two) to learn the team and present a true threat to Vettel, by which time Seb has probably already moved on to bigger and redder things at Ferrari. Assuming they have a championship winning car, I believe Hulkenberg could do enough to help secure it.

The high risk strategy would be to hire Raikkonen. People can keep on yapping about the fastest 3 being Hamilton, Vettel and Alonso, but there is very little you can tell me to suggest Raikkonen is not as quick when he is motivated. Put him in a Red Bull, and he will be quick.

The problem is, Raikkonen is not a driver for the future. That's not specifically a problem, as Webber is even older, but one would guess that Red Bull are themselves thinking about life beyond Vettel. Hiring Raikkonen for next year would leave them in a similar position as they are this year: looking for a long term younger prospect. So hiring Raikkonen is a postponement of the current problem. If no good young prospects are in evidence, Raikkonen would be an excellent stop-gap. He might even be uncomfortably good for Vettel's liking.

I'd love to see Raikkonen in a Redbull; see him pitch up and thrash Vettel in their first race and watch the fireworks begin as they duke it out. My guess is such a situation will not materialise though. Raikkonen's age and unwillingness to perform basic PR, and possibly the inherent threat of his speed to Vettel and overall team stability, will mean he is avoided. It's a shame, because he is probably the best candidate, if the criteria were pure speed.


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Ricciardo - one fellow australian swapping for another might be something that Webber would be more happy with

Okay they aint pals like Webber and Alonso but think about the backlash from the Australian press that Webber starts denying Ricciardo the opportunity

I thought Webber treated Ricciardo like a protege unless I 'm wrong

as I said Kimi is doing well for Lotus and interesting Lopez said Dietrich was just stirring things up ... I don;t see Kimi being at Lotus long term he will want to move to one more time at least


Everyone's talking about Hulkenburg - I wonder if Mercedes would seriously think about him now knowing they;ve got a quick German driver none of the big boys have snapped up

Rosberg - he 's out of contract and he's a poster boy " Britney Spears" and he's good PR for Red Bull and certainly not going to throw a wobbler publicly like Webber does


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So the results are in and we have an even split on who CTA think will be alongside Vettel at Redbull next year (if Vettel is at Red Bull).

Kimi or Ricciardo it seems. I'm guessing the votes for the Kimster are the hopeful ones and the votes for Ricciardo are the practical ones.

JEV will probably be sending Brogan an email to close his user profile at CTA right now as mpre people think Webber, Buemi and even no races to his name Felix Da Costa stand more of a chance of getting the drive than he does. Must be depressing.

Five people went for the great Hulk and Tacitus is holding out for the third coming of Michael 'he's not the Messiah he's a very naughty boy' Schumacher.

I shall bump this thread when the decision is made for good old bragging rights.


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To be perfectly frank, Ricciardo has done very little to impress me since he joined F1. If someone responds to this criticism by quoting his performance in the last race, I would like to remind them that randomness happens sometimes. In general he has proven to be fairly lacklustre in my estimation, and hardly deserving of a race seat at the championship winning team of recent years.

Although I voted for him (as most likely, not most deserving), he's still not scored what I consider to be a proper point yet - that is, top 6.:rolleyes:


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will people stop comparing the current STR drivers to the days of Vettel in that car... the team has to design its own chassis unlike previously loaned Newey chassis and Red Bull have diverted resources to the No 1 team

the closest the STR have got to replicating that performance was few times Algarsuari got into top 10 but it was mostly like 7th /8th not which is realistic given the team's resources not the ludicrous thinking that it can win a race in that car
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