Poll If Sebastian Vettel stays at Red Bull for 2014 who will be his teammate?

If Sebstian Vettel is at Red Bull for 2014 who will be his teammate?

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Will people stop talking about the 08 STR like it was some form of super car? What nonsense. STR are a midfield team whose performance fluxes. Yes in 08 they had a good midfield car but a midfield car never the less. Even if you factor in that the 08 STR has been superior to the STR's since(which I dispute) none of them have even come close to the performance Vettel had over the whole season. Also complaining about people comparing STR drivers to Vettel in a STR seems a bit silly when STR is the Red Bull junior team and this is a thread discussing Vettel.

Its a bit tiring having people slap Adrian Neweys name around in order to take away acheivment without factoring in all the other diffences between an STR and a leading team like the designer makes up for all the other things a team has to consider. If Adrian Newey had designed a HRT does anyone think it would have been winning Grand Prix?
RasputinLives 2008 STR - not the best car but better than the 2008 Red Bull car because it had more backing and Newey's chassis and a Ferrari bolted to the back
its not a coincident is it not that STR have not been as quick since they were told to do their own chassis

Vettel's teammate is going to be suppose the one from STR but they have not had the same chances as him
Is there any proof the Renault engine was worse than the Ferrari one?

And if so, why the hell did Red Bull welch on a deal to run Ferrari engines by shipping them out to Toro Rosso in order to get the Renault in the back of their cars?
KR+RB=party time.

It is worth remembering that Kimi is only 2 years older than Alonso! Does that means that FA is over the hill?

EDIT: Button falls between the 2 of them. Time to break out the walkers!
I totally agree about people always bring up Newey designs as a means of lessening the achievements of drivers they don't like. It is worth remembering that Schumacher NEVER drove a Newey design, which means he actually beat Newey for every title he won. That makes his titles even more impressive, right? (of course, now I expect they (the haters) will claim that Schuey's titles are all the result of having Brawn on board, or that Byrne was an even greater genius than Newey).
mmm i would love to see Kimi on Red Bull, no team orders, no number 1 or 2 driver, free racing, hahaha thats never going to happen, so Kimi would like to be number 2 driver?? and stay behind Vettel? i dont think so! i voted for Hulkenberg, i believed he had shown some gooodddd sparks
Would love to see Kimi go and beat up on Seb, but there is no way Kimi goes into that sort of atmosphere that Red Bull have. He's won a championship and proven he's one of the top 3 greats on the grid today. He likes to drive and chill out. He can do that at Lotus, not Red Bull...
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Kimi is a Red Bull backed driver for a start

It did not work out at Ferrari because Luca was expecting a workman like approach of Schumacher but his laid back attitude meant Luca did not appreciate he was really trying but could not anymore with the car

Kimi would chill out at Red Bull he would not give a :censored: what others think plus they can give him the money he wants...Red Bull can certainly pay more for his services than Lotus can

Red Bull could not make the engines work and were wondering if they got duff engines in comparison to results with the Cosworth V8 in 2005.

Cynics were pointing out no Ferrari customer team won a race! Apart from the finance cost I think it was something like $15m for the Ferrari engine where as Renault engine was $13m ..convinced it was the Ferrari engine for the uncompetitiveness they got the Renault engine - no doubt Flavio did some wheeling and dealing with Mark Webber as well and that being the reigning world champions as it were was a factor

Newey also with some understanding that the Renault engines are based on around drive ability from his Williams days so could build the Red Bull with similar characteristics
So, effectively, Newey couldn't get a Ferrari to work therefore it was better to be in a lower budget Newey car with an engine he didn't understand?

The only person I've heard criticising Renault is Mr. Reliable himself, Horner.
Yes - Newey was basing it on the assumption that the Renault car with the engine bases itself on driver ability and it should not be too much difference from the Williams Renault days

They found a loophole with their deal to get out of it as well

Horner speaks :censored: if you ask me ... simply set up the car with less downforce and the straightline speed difference is not that much
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