Poll Who will make it through to Q3 Australia 2015?

Who will be in Q3 in Australia?

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No passing through my dirty air please
So its time for Clip The Apex users to put their money where their mouth is. Who are going to be the final 10 in Q3 in Melbourne? There are a few obvious choices to be there and a few obvious choices not to be there but the middle ground is a bit shakey.

The poll features 21 drivers thanks to 'Sauber Driver Van Der Gate' which is currently taking place. We might only get 16 drivers actually on track but that still leaves 6 to eliminate.

Anyone who gets it spots on gets a free beverage of their choosing* so get predicting!

* - beverage may be a virtual one.
Mercedes, Williams and Ferrari should get both drivers in to Q3 unless they have major issues. Red Bull I think could be at risk of having one driver not make it, but should get both through if everything goes to plan. The remaining two spots will likely be contested between the Lotus and Toro Rosso drivers, and I went for Grosjean and Sainz but it's pretty much a coin flip.
8/10 for me. Picked the wrong Toro Rosso and who'd have thunk a Red Bull wouldn't have made it.

The grid looks good for tomorrow. I wonder how many laps the mobile chicanes (McLaren) will do?
Who will make it into Q3?

Ooh, ooh I know this one....
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