Poll Who will make Q3 China 2015?

Who will make Q3 in China 2015?

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Leave me alone I'm on Smoko
Ok one and all its time to take your pick for the top ten again. I think their are 6 fairly certains again but its those last 4 places that are tricky with not one of us pulling off a 10 out of 10 as of yet.

It was Marcus Ericsson that spoilt the party last time out as no one backed him to go top ten. It was a mixed up rain quali though.

Once again the virtual drink and the honour of top predictor is the spoils for the winner.
I prefer to let Microsoft Paint do the talking:
I'd thought I'd gone crazy picking Button to pinch 10th spot on the grid and then someone's gone and picked the Manor's.
I think thats the first time we've had votes for the Manor boys although I have a sneaky suspicion that Greenlantern101 has voted for who he thinks is going out in Q1 and Q2 as he's not voted for the Mercs either!
Well done FB. You are now the proud owner of the CTA Quali predictor championship belt! Wear it with pride.

I got 9 out of 10. Bloomin Ericsson!
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