Who will beat whom - Cars 18 & 19

Who will finish higher in the WDC?

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Proabably the most eagerly awaited who will beat whom question (well for one person at least) and some people's prediction (well one person actually) for winners of both the WDC and WCC in their comeback year. Yes, it the Proton Lotus pairing of Jarno "the one lap wonder" Trulli vs Heikki "I can't think of anything interesting or humorous to say about him" Kovalainen.

For those that can't make their minds up there's the toast & butter (without Marmalade or Marmite) option.
I am going to go with Trulli, as HK has never been the least bit impressive. :bored:

I still resent the revered name of Lotus being used by a team with NO connection to the glorious team of yore. Chapman must be spinning in his grave. >:(
Although I am extremely concerned about Heikki's statements implying that he doesn't feel he has to improve any areas of his driving, I still think he will perform better than Jarno. They are very similar in so many ways though that it is going to be an interesting tussle to watch. I feel a great sense of attachment to Heikki and despite all his apparent woes I still have faith in him. Whereas Jarno is a complete mystery to me, how one can sustain a career by being a mobile chicane is beyond my comprehension. :s
I went with Heikki. Anyone who is slow enough that he has to be factored into other team's strategies doesn't deserve a race drive.
I too have gone for Heikki. He has the chance to finally show what he can do on equal terms with his team mate. Jarno will be a steady and reliable but I think Heikki will see this as a chance to show what he can do. It may lead to a few visits to the gravel trap but I think of the two he's the more likely to want it more and it will show in his end results.
I've gone with Heikki simply because I think Jarno's probably a bit over the hill now and Heikki has something to prove after his time at McLaren.
Interesting debate. One thing that we can be sure of is these Protons will be attracted by a negative charge on race day!

I think Trulli never really climbed the hill, but he's over the gentle slope nowadays, he bottled 2009 from a surprisingly promising position.

Kovalainen looked incredibly poor for the last two seasons, although we don't know how much of that is because Hamilton is very good; and he looked quite good in 2007, although we don't know how much of that is because Fisichella isn't.

Personally, I think Trulli is far closer to the Fisichella end of the scale than the Hamilton, so I'm going for Kovalainen. And I can forget the complimentary wine!
I can't see the Lotus being quick enough this year to challenge for points. Like I've said, I think the Force India's and Toro Rosso's will be the first to feed off the scraps. And because I feel that they won't score a single point this year (unless a total fluke point or two occurs) I'm going for the toast and butter option :dontmentionit:
Going by the laws of Metaphysics, or one aspect called “Determinism and Free Will”, that holds that “no random, spontaneous, mysterious, or miraculous events occur”, it’s simply impossible for a dropped piece of buttered toast to decide not to land butter side up or down. “The principal consequence of the deterministic claim is that it poses a challenge to the existence of free will.” The toast simply cannot decide to land on it's edge and therefore will go one way or the other.

After thinking on this :thinking: , I am unable to decide which driver will prevail, but I am also unable to take the toast & butter option! Bit of a quandary! :s

Luckily, Metaphysics has the answer to my indecision. That answer is called the “Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle”. This includes this sentence – “There is only one kind of matter but it can exist in different discrete stationary conditions.” As Trulli is known as the mobile chicane, and chicane’s are usually stationary, Trulli is he the embodiment of the Uncertainty Principle!

Therefore, I have voted for Jarno Trulli.

The alternative view is that Jarno Trulli is just a guess, as I have no idea which way to go with this one!
:thinking: An interesting Metaphysical muse... Schrödinger's cat definately faces stiff competition from these two dualists/duelists.

McZiderRed's Kovaleinen/Trully thought experiment may well supplant Schrödinger's as the defacto illustration of quantum superposition. For as long as they are able to manifest their respective is he an f1 driver?/is he not an F1 driver? behaviour.
Considering form, the evidence suggests that both Truvalainen are not worthy of being F1 drivers. Although show me a Piquet Jnr. and the comments will be far more scathing!
After sleeping on it I decided I was no wiser - some things never change!

I've determined to make a positive vote each time, so between the queue former and the man that never was, I think I'll go for Kovlainen... He's had better seasons before, as indeed has Trulli, it's just that Trulli has had so many more of them, and seems great at setting up the car, but he would be much better as a teacher these days - who else would stay back with the stragglers so well?

Kovlainen will either fly across the line competing (to one degree or another), or backwards in a ball of flames off the circuit - the far more entertaining of the two :D
Ooh, this is a close one.

They're both very uninspiring drivers, quite frankly, and I don't expect too much from either of them.

If I had to pluck one it'd be for Kovalainen. I don't know how Trulli is still in F1, I really don't
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