Who will beat Whom - Cars 7 & 8

Who will beat whom?

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Presumably to keep the red/yellow helmet/gloves/camera bar combos going at Mercedes, yet again Schumi has taken the odd numbered car. Although the colour matching is not displeasing, and a red 8 on a silver car often works

Either way, Schumi's much vaunted comeback showed few signs of the Champ and many of the Chump last year, but with the issues so loudly proclaimed as solved by the Brawn GP staff, can he comeback and beat Rosberg?

Nico is the man without a yardstick. After losing to Mark Webber in his debut year, his last 4 seasons have been about beating team-mates with large question marks over their heads comfortably. There have been 102 winners in F1 history, and Nico is the most likely 103rd name on the rostrum in 2011. [Or at Singapore 2008!]

So do you go with the past Champion, the son of a past Champion or sit on the Porsche Fence.

I'll go with my confidence in youth, Nico for me!
Porsche Fence for me, I think Schumi has a suprise in store for us, he came close to Rosberg at the end of last season when the car was more to his liking (any stats to prove this?) This is definetly the hardest one to all so far.
tooncheese said:
Porsche Fence for me, I think Schumi has a suprise in store for us, he came close to Rosberg at the end of last season when the car was more to his liking (any stats to prove this?)

He outqualified Nico in both Brazil and Abu Dhabi, but crucially finished behind him in Brazil and nonchalantly span himself attempting to keep him behind in Abu Dhabi. In Korea he was 4th, but Nico was in a winning position when Webber knocked him out and in Japan he was behind Nico when he binned it.
Schumacher will be another year older when the season starts and I can't see him faring much better this year.

Nico for me.
Slightly off topic but I realised something when I got a F1 book for xmas.

Keke Rosberg is Finnish, Nico Rosberg is German.... I know Nico has the dual nationality thing going on but surely Finland has the better reputation for motorsport and wouldn't that be the natural choice for what flag you would race under?

Something else I noticed in that book is that Schuey was the 1st German F1 champion which makes Vettel the 2nd. I expected more from Germany seeing as they have had a long history of motorsport.
I think it was easier for Nico to get sponsorship as a German than as a Finn.

Wolfgang von Trips could/should have been Germany's first F1 world champion were it not for a fatal accident at Monza in 1961. And the likes of Rudi Caracciola and Bernd Rosemeyer dominated the 1930s in their Mercedes and Auto Unions, winning four European Championships between them (of course, there was no world title in those days).

On topic: I really don't know what to expect from Schumacher in 2011. One extreme or another, I dare say. I'll get off the fence this time and go for Nico.
Just to be different I'm going for Schui - I think he'll improve and drive the development so... who knows
I've gone for Nico. For reasons I've stated elsewhere I don't think Schumie's up to it anymore although as a 40 something I'd love to see him give the youngsters a lesson.

On German drivers who could or should have been World Champions - Stefan Bellof. What a talent, what a loss.
i think the benchmark was set last season and Rosberg has proven he can beat MSC in the same machinery. I see no reason for this to change this season either.
I've gone for Schumacher as I think he'll surprise this year and along with Brawn's comments, this could be reverse phsycology.. :thinking: :s
Nico Rosb....... no Micheal schumac... hang on Nic.... wait ill Plum for Micheal Schu..... Oh for pete sake! :givemestrength:

Why hell do i want to say Michael Schumacher? after last season how can i even condsider it?

Is it because i admired him as a kid?, Is it because 7 times champions should never be written off, is it because i belive the excuses? if so why? and are they true? is because i dont want to say the 'rain meister' is finished? Is out of smpthay because i dont want to see a 7 time world champion get mullered again?

After last season it should be rosberg everytime, but yet somehow, for some reason i get a feeling Shumi isn't done yet. That perhaps there will be a figtback. Theres absoultly no logic to it but i do. There were glimpses of what shumi could do last season, Perhaps there is or i want to belive there is the talent for him to be very competitve again with a car that handles more like he wants.

Think ill sit on the fence for this one!.
To subvert the lyrics of a track by "The Who"; meet the new Schumacher, same as the old Schumacher... only no-where near as competitive!

Based on the performances of last season, where Nico consistently proved that he has the beating of Michael, I've voted for Nico.
It's got to be Nico however I think Schuey may be a little closer to him in terms of outright speed and may even get the measure of him in Qually on more than one occasion but like many of the posts above he's not the force he once was.
Much as I hate fence-sitting (it is very hard on the backside), that is my choice at the moment. While MS had a terrible season last year, I fully expect a HUGE improvement this year (although I admit that his skills are sadly diminished from days gone by). I also expect the Mercedes to be far more competitive this year, and think both drivers may surprise other teams with their pace (at least I hope so). Nico has the skills and showed a lot of maturity and grace under pressure last year, and think this may well be his break-out year.
Either Schumi and Brawn are going to rekindle their old relationship which will see Michael beat Nico or Schumi will have another stinker while Rosberg continues to improve.

This is a hard one where I don't think the fence is an option as I think it will go one way or the other but I'm going to hold my decision until later on...
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