Who will beat Whom - Cars 16 & 17

Who will beat whom?

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RickD said:
I just found it interesting. Jez - I think it is more to do with who is supposed to be the teams first driver. If
Lewis finds the No.3 unlucky, then fair enough.

I suspect they'll offer the lower number to the lead driver first. Internally, the teams will know who their priority driver is. In the case of McLaren, this could be a careful way of saying the two drivers are indeed considered equals. But like I said, I think the only time it matters is that the WDC has car number 1.
I'd be very surprised if it isn't Hamilton 3 Button 4. McLaren have given the lower number to the better-scoring driver from the previous season for a long time. I remember when Hakkinen was winning the title in '98 he was in car no. 8 - DC was in no. 7 having done better the previous year (sadly for him, when the car wasn't as good).
Not sure where I copied the entry list from but every other list I've checked shows Hamilton No3 and Button No4.
Back on topic, :snigger:

Kamui I think. He looked mighty quick last season and with Perez only 21 come first race will proberly take a couple of seasons to mature into a superfast driver.....if he is ever going to be of course.
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