Who will beat whom - Cars 1 & 2?

Who will finish higher in the WDC?

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Many of the teams have announced their driver line ups for next year so I thought we might like a few quick polls on who will finish higher in the WDC of the teams announced. Starting at the top, cars 1 & 2, Jenson & Lewis.

Final results:
Jenson Button: 1
Lewis Hamilton: 13
Too close to call: 1

Remember, vote for the driver who you think will finish highest in the WDC. For those who can't make there minds up there is rosé wine, Tony Blair type third way.
Re: Who will beat whom?

I've gone for Mr Hamilton.

By most accounts Alonso is currently the best driver in F1 and if Lewis could beat him in his rookie year when Alonso was the current 2xWDC then I don't see Jenson causing him too many problems.

Even with the rule changes and the oft-mentioned increase in tyre wear or Jenson's 'smooth' style.
Re: Who will beat whom?

I've plumped for Mr Hamilton too - I think it's only a matter of time before he becomes the next team building top driver, and he's already very nearly driving in a class of his own.

I'm not PC coz I like Jenson, but he just doesn't have that bit of extra W factor - similar to the X factor, just not been hijacked and copyrighted by any self styed mumble mumble mumble...
Re: Who will beat whom?

It would be quite a turn up if Jenson got the better of Lewis. :nah: I just can't see it happening, Lewis is a force of nature and Jenson is just a very talented racing driver.

:thinking: ...But stranger things have happened... :crazy:
Re: Who will beat whom?

I think it will be close, certainly closer than I would have thought 12 months ago, but I believe Lewis is a naturally faster driver than Jenson and will beat him over the course of the season.
Re: Who will beat whom?

I've gone for Hammy based on the fact that he is the established driver within the team which should give him a far greater advantage. Jenson was challenged by Ruben's on several occasions last year in equal machinery and Rubens almost always had the speed advantage in qualification. Button is going to face even more pressure this year from Hamilton and he won't be able to call on any "Blah Blah Blah" moment's to give him a little help here and there. ;)

I can't see it going any other way.
Re: Who will beat whom?

DISCLAIMER: These may be the predictions of a possibly unstable madman!

In 2009 regulations, Lewis Hamilton should have quite some distance over Jenson Button in the McLaren-Mercedes-British-World-Champions-in-car-#-22-and-MBEs-to-boot battle. Although the 2010 regulations should suit the smoother driver, I don't believe that Button will have the required speed to beat Hamilton in the same car.

Looking at their World Championships, it is undoubtable that Button won because of his car (and I say that without wishing to diminish the achievement) but Hamilton won despite the Ferrari being faster (and officialdom).

For this reason, I'm going to predict victory for Hamilton. If the McLaren is the best car, I think he will win the Championship.
Re: Who will beat whom?

teabagyokel said:
For this reason, I'm going to predict victory for Hamilton. If the McLaren is the best car, I think he will win the Championship.

That's a big if! They've yet to sort out the deficiency in high speed corners. But I imagine if they do sort it then Newey and Brawn are going to have to come up with soemthing pretty fancy to beat "McLaren's British Ensemble" The MBE's! The McLaren and Lewis was stupifyingly quick in Abu Dhabi and were it not for a duff rear brake disc they'd have won by a lap!

So I'm fairly optimistic and I suspect Jenson is as well. :whistle:
Re: Who will beat whom?

I'll go for Hamilton, for two main reasons:

(1) Recent McLarens have tended to be oversteering cars - even before Hamilton's time - and now they've got a driver who prefers that (Lewis) they're unlikely to rethink the whole philosophy. I reckon it'll take time for Button to gel with the team and get the car to a position where's entirely comfortable with it (if ever).

(2) I think Hamilton's a quicker driver...
Re: Who will beat whom?

Good point on the oversteer GM.
I recall during the 2009 season many times seeing the back end of Lewis' McLaren step out.
Re: Who will beat whom?

Unless the car is perfectly balanced, which as GM said is highly doubtful, then I can't see Jense causing Lewis any problems.
Re: Who will beat whom?

Lewis hangs the back out to help him round slow bends..

Jenson hangs the back out to intimidate people he is overtaking... :whistle:
Re: Who will beat whom?

So Hamilton to beat Button then. Cars 3 & 4 may be more difficult to call Nico (am I only here becasue of my Dad) Rosberg or Michael (ther are old drivers and there are bold drivers, but there are no old bold drivers) Schumacher...
Re: Who will beat whom?

That's interesting. I've tried to edit it as well and I can't get it to change either. I even tried deleting the original poll and then adding a new one. Hmmmm. Over to Bro I think.

Re: Who will beat whom?

All done, just took a few edits to sort it.
I think because the end date was reached the poll doesn't reset so all I did was extend it to run until Jan 10th.

I'm not convinced that recycling polls and threads is a good idea though as now we've lost the McLaren results and people may not revisit old threads not realising the content has changed :dunno:
Lewis has never driven an F1 car other than a McLaren and Button has had several teams throughout his career. It will take him time to get used to the McLaren so Lewis should flog him.
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