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Various quotes from F1 over the years, simply name the person who said it. Simple. 1 point for each.

1. For me, it was not destiny to make it to where I am now - I thought for a long- time I would become a go-kart mechanic, or a job like this, not an F1 driver.
Fernando Alonso

2. I remember my first test in F1. After five laps, I came back to the pits and tried to play it cool - 'Oh yeah, I'm fine, I'm on top of this' - but I was completely lost.
Sebastian Vettel

3. I never think I can hurt myself-not seriously. If you believe it can happen to you, how can you do this job? If you're never over eight-tenths, or whatever, because you're thinking about a shunt, you are not going as quick as you can . And if you re not doing that you 're not a racing driver.Some guys, in formula1... well to me, they're not racing drivers. They drive racing cars, thats all. They're doing half a job. And in that case, I wonder why they do it at all...
Gilles Villeneuve

4. Sometimes Grand Prix drivers look absolutely awesome, on other days they look like they couldn't drive sheep, and its a sheep day today!
Martin Brundle

5. Aerodynamics is for those who cannot manufacture good engines
Enzo Ferrari

6. I dont agree that technology detracts from the skill of the driver. In fact, the more tech you have on a car, the busier the driver is. It's always those who cant quite cope with technology who want to see it banned
Ron Dennis

7. With Senna,I learned how things should be done...With Mansell I learned how things mustn't be done
Mika Hakkinen

8. Driving in Monte Carlo is like riding a bike in your house
Nelson Piquet

9. To hell with safety. All I want to do is race
James Hunt

10. There are too many old drivers in this sport. A few years ago a couple of drivers a year got killed and no-one took any notice. It was a sort of natural culling
Bernie Ecclestone

2 only, but a great quiz.

Fascinating to see who it was actually said what you thought was attributed to another...
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