Who are the Stars of Tomorrow?


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Ever wondered who the fresh talents are going to be to fill the F1 seats of the future? With the new entrants for 2010 that question is a very hot topic amongst team principals and fans.

But it's so difficult to keep track of the various junior formulae. Knowing who's doing what and where is a full-time job in itself.

Have no fear, for GM introduces his patented Stars of Tomorrow Index! Taking account of results in the nine major series that F1 teams will be keeping their eyes on, I have devised a rough formula for comparing results and seeing who are the drivers at the head of the queue for their F1 chance.

GP210 Sprint, 10 FeatureDallaraRenault V8 (580bhp)Bridgestone3
FIA Formula 2 (F2)16WilliamsAudi turbo (400bhp)Avon2
World Series by Renault (WSbR)8 Sprint, 9 FeatureDallaraRenault V6 (425bhp)Michelin2
IndyCar (Road & Street courses only)7DallaraHonda V8 (650bhp)Firestone1.5
GP2 Asia5 Sprint, 6 FeatureDallaraRenault V8 (550bhp)Bridgestone1.5
A1 Grand Prix (A1GP)7 Sprint, 7 FeatureFerrariFerrari V8 (600bhp)Michelin1.5
Formula 3 Euroseries (F3 Euro)10 Regular, 10 Reversed GridDallaraMercedes/VW (approx. 210bhp)Kumho1.5
DTM10Audi/MercedesAudi/Mercedes (470bhp)Michelin1.5
Superleague Formula (SF)6 Regular, 6 Reversed GridPanozMenard (750bhp)Dunlop1

The only criterion for inclusion in this list is that the driver not be over 26 years of age on 1st January 2009. So the top driver in this list in a particular series may not necessarily be the championship leader in that series - particularly true in the case of IndyCar and DTM, where there are plenty of over-26s.

The numbers in the Series column indicate how many rounds of that series have been completed.

Pos.NameNationalityAge at 1 Jan2008SeriesPts
1Adam CarrollGreat Britain26A1GP (6th)A1GP (14/14)123
2Kamui KobayashiJapan22GP2 (16th)GP2 Asia (11/11); GP2 (4/20)112
3Jérôme d'AmbrosioBelgium23GP2 (11th)GP2 Asia (11/11); GP2 (4/20)97
4Neel JaniSwitzerland25A1GP (1st)A1GP (14/14)95
5Vitaly PetrovRussia24GP2 (7th)GP2 Asia (11/11); GP2 (4/20)85
6Filipe AlbuquerquePortugal23WSbR (21st)A1GP (14/14)79
7Nicolas HülkenbergGermany21F3 Euro (1st)GP2 Asia (11/11); GP2 (4/20)67
8Romain GrosjeanFrance22GP2 (4th)GP2 (4/20)67
9Davide ValsecchiItaly21GP2 (15th)GP2 Asia (11/11)64
10Roldán RodríguezSpain24GP2 (13th)GP2 Asia (11/11)64
11Sergio PérezMexico19F3 Britain (4th)GP2 Asia (11/11)56
12Diego NunesBrazil22GP2 (22nd)GP2 Asia (11/11); GP2 (4/20)54
13Marcos MartínezSpain23WSbR (15th)WSbR (5/17)52
14Earl BamberNew Zealand18NZ Toyota (2nd)A1GP (14/14); GP2 Asia (11/11)42
15Fairuz FauzyMalaysia26WSbR (18th)A1GP (14/14); WSbR (5/17)42
16Robert WickensCanada19WSbR (12th); F3 Euro (15th)F2 (2/16)42
17Bertrand BaguetteBelgium22WSbR (7th)WSbR (5/17)41
18Pastor MaldonadoVenezuela23GP2 (5th)GP2 Asia (11/11); GP2 (4/20)41
19Edoardo MortaraItaly21F3 Euro (2nd)GP2 Asia (11/11); GP2 (4/20)40
20Loïc DuvalFrance26F Nippon (2nd); A1GP (4th)A1GP (14/14)36
21Adrian ZauggSouth Africa22A1GP (14th)A1GP (14/14); WSbR (5/17)33
22James WalkerGreat Britain25WSbR (13th)WSbR (5/17)32
23Oliver TurveyGreat Britain21F3 Britain (2nd)WSbR (5/17)31
24Clivio PiccioneMonaco24Euroseries 3000 (11th)A1GP (14/14)30
25Chris van der DriftNew Zealand22IFM (1st)A1GP (14/14); GP2 Asia (11/11); WSbR (5/17)27
26Giedo van der GardeNetherlands23WSbR (1st)GP2 Asia (11/11); GP2 (4/20)27
27John MartinAustralia24F3 Britain (13th)A1GP (14/14)25
28Javier VillaSpain21GP2 (17th)GP2 Asia (11/11); GP2 (4/20)22
29Luiz RaziaBrazil19Euroseries 3000 (4th)GP2 Asia (11/11)21
30Miguel MolinaSpain19WSbR (4th)WSbR (5/17)21
31Jules BianchiFrance19F3 Euro (3rd)F3 Euro (4/20)20
32Sakon YamamotoJapan26GP2 (23rd)GP2 Asia (11/11)20
33Christian VietorisGermany19F3 Euro (6th)F3 Euro (4/20)19
34Jean Karl VernayFrance21F3 Euro (8th)F3 Euro (4/20)19
35Roberto MerhiSpain17F Renault Europe (4th)F3 Euro (4/20)17
36Sam BirdGreat Britain21F3 Euro (11th)F3 Euro (4/20)17
37Andreas ZuberUAE25GP2 (9th)GP2 (4/20)16
38Marco AndrettiUSA21IndyCar (7th)A1GP (14/14); IndyCar (2/7)16
39Bruno SpenglerCanada25DTM (5th)DTM (2/10)15
40Lucas di GrassiBrazil24GP2 (3rd)GP2 (4/20)15
41Mirko BortolottiItaly18F3 Italy (1st)F2 (2/16)15
42Salvador DuránMexico23WSbR (9th)A1GP (14/14)15
43Davide RigonItaly22SF (1st)GP2 Asia (11/11); GP2 (4/20)14
44Felipe GuimarãesBrazil17Euroseries 3000 (9th)A1GP (14/14)14
45Stefano ColettiMonaco19F3 Euro (20th)F3 Euro (4/20)14
46Adrián VallésSpain22GP2 (21st)WSbR (5/17)13
47Carlos IaconelliBrazil21GP2 (29th)F2 (2/16)13
48Paul di RestaGreat Britain22DTM (2nd)DTM (2/10)12
49Charles PicFrance18WSbR (6th)WSbR (5/17)11
50Luca FilippiItaly23GP2 (19th)GP2 (4/20)11
51Danica PatrickUSA26IndyCar (6th)IndyCar (2/7)10
52Daniil MoveRussia23WSbR (22nd)WSbR (5/17)10
53Jaime AlguersuariSpain18F3 Britain (1st)WSbR (5/17)10
54James JakesGreat Britain21F3 Euro (13th)GP2 Asia (11/11)10
55Oliver JarvisGreat Britain24DTM (13th)DTM (2/10)10
56Valtteri BottasFinland19F Renault Europe (1st)F3 Euro (4/20)10
57Brendon HartleyNew Zealand19F3 Britain (3rd)F3 Euro (4/20)9
58Mika MäkiFinland20F3 Euro (5th)F3 Euro (4/20)9
59Mikhail AleshinRussia21WSbR (5th)F2 (2/16)9
60Graham RahalUSA19IndyCar (17th)IndyCar (2/7)8
61Kazimieras VasiliauskasLithuania18F Renault Italy (21st)F2 (2/16)8
62Philipp EngAustria18F3 Germany (11th)F2 (2/16)8
63Edoardo PiscopoItaly20F3 Italy (2nd)A1GP (14/14); F2 (2/16)7
64Andy SoucekSpain23GP2 (14th)F2 (2/16)6
65J. R. HildebrandUSA20Indy Lights (5th)A1GP (14/14)5
66Yelmer BuurmanNetherlands21SF (2nd)GP2 Asia (11/11)5
67Dan ClarkeGreat Britain25-A1GP (14/14)4
68Daniel MoradLebanon18F Atlantic (12th)A1GP (14/14)4
69Hamad Al FardanBahrain21F3 German Cup (11th)GP2 Asia (11/11)4
70Henkie WaldschmidtNetherlands20F3 Euro (26th)F3 Euro (4/20)4
71Jamie GreenGreat Britain26DTM (4th)DTM (2/10)4
72Julien JousseFrance22WSbR (2nd)F2 (2/16)4
73Karun ChandhokIndia24GP2 (10th)GP2 (4/20)4
74Maro EngelGermany23DTM (16th)DTM (2/10)4
75Nicola de MarcoItaly18F3 Spain (4th)F2 (2/16)4
76Pasquale di SabatinoItaly20WSbR (20th)WSbR (5/17)3
77Fabio OnidiItaly20Euroseries 3000 (2nd)A1GP (14/14)2
78Henry SurteesGreat Britain17F Renault UK (12th)F2 (2/16)2
79Hwang Jin-WooSouth Korea25Super GT Japan (34th)A1GP (14/14)2
80Marco BarbaSpain23WSbR (14th)WSbR (5/17)2
81Mike RockenfellerGermany25DTM (11th)DTM (2/10)2
82Alex BrundleGreat Britain18F Palmer Audi (6th)F2 (2/16)1
83Atte MustonenFinland20F3 Britain (6th)F3 Euro (4/20)1
84Charlie KimballUSA23F3 Euro (17th)A1GP (14/14)1
85Ho-Pin TungChina26GP2 (18th)A1GP (14/14)1
86Marco BonanomiItaly23WSbR (11th)GP2 Asia (11/11)1
87Rodolfo GonzálezVenezuela22F3 Euro (24th)GP2 Asia (11/11)1

At various intervals through the season (not every week - I do have a life, honest!) I will update these standings and see who's up, and who's down. For more information on these drivers, and many others, I can recommend the excellent Driver Database
This is absolutely fantastic GM, many thanks for putting this together.

It's going to be really interesting to see how this pans out during the course of the season and who does end up moving into F1 and what correlation there is, if any.

Great table GM. I can't wait to see how it pans out.

Just a quick question though. I notice you haven't included A1GP in your formula is this because there are no drivers who are under 25 or do you think the series isn't likely to supply future talent? It does seem that A1 is where failed F1 drivers end up (see Ralf Firman, Robert Doornbos, Narain Karthakynen etc) but on the other hand there have been one or two (Adam Carroll?) in talks with F1 teams.

Great work though.
Thanks guys.

On the A1GP issue, I agree it is a glaring omission and it should be there really, the problem is that (like GP2 Asia) it runs through the winter.

Not a problem in itself, but the formula I have devised is cumulative - drivers adding points as the rounds go by - if I included A1, Adam Carroll would be way out in front because his season is already over.

I could modify the formula to make it an average, which would eliminate the problem, but that brings its own problems...I'll have a play with the figures and see if it can be incorporated.
I suppose you could just add the A1GP drivers in with their final points as they are now but just highlight them so we can see where they are?
As the other series come to an end we can then see how the A1GP drivers fit in overall.
That's a good suggestion Brogan, thanks.

On reflection, it would also be useful to have an indication of how many rounds of each championship have taken place for all the drivers.

I'll have a go at incorporating that.
wow GM

impressive, really impressive.

but the A1 is one point indeed but the problem is, F1 drivers can come from anywhere can't they? you have like the usual feeder series but does that work for instance for US drivers or drivers from places like India, maybe even china.

and don't forget the karting scene ;)
OK, A1 and GP2 Asia have now been incorporated, making the list even longer

I've also extended the upper age limit to 26 for everyone, because Carroll and Patrick (and others) are still in the running for an F1 drive, allegedly.

If anyone has any suggestions to improve the layout or usefulness of this data, please let me know! It's a bit heavy going as it stands.

boga: if you want to add figures for karting be my guest! LOL More seriously, of course F1 drivers come from all over, but nearly all of them end up driving in one or more of these series. I think the last one who didn't drive in any of these was Raikkonen, who was plucked from Formula Renault UK with about 21 car races under his belt (I could be wrong, though...)
GM - can you please ensure all your data is correct and complete before submitting it, we don't like half baked cakes here on CTA, and quite frankly, I for one, don't have time to read through and point out the errors... :D

However, good effort........ LOL
If you go to the Home Page, the Series Standings panel on the left hand side has all the points for the 6 major series.

Just click on the appropriate button: BTCC, WTCC, DTM, GP2, WRC, IndyCar
Clicking on "Show Full Standings" will expand the table and the "Detailed Standings" link will take you to the forum thread.

Paul is currently 4th in the DTM standings.
He's also currently at no. 48 in the index (I find it's easier to press CTRL+F if you want to find a particular driver - looking down the list gives me a headache! LOL)

Mercedes had a terrible start to the DTM season but they're fighting back now, so expect both di Resta and team-mate Spengler to move up the standings if they don't run into any trouble.
I have to say it is a lovely table and idea, but it is probably only half relevant to the question. More important are links to F1 teams, particularly Red Bull, or nationality, particularly Indian or American if USGPE get into F1.

Remember, Kimi Raikkonen wouldn't have shown up on a table like this!

If Romain Grosjean gets the nod for Valencia as expected then that will be 2 off the list who have been promoted into F1.

What will be most interesting is who the 3 (or 4?) new teams go for.
teabagyokel said:
I have to say it is a lovely table and idea, but it is probably only half relevant to the question. More important are links to F1 teams, particularly Red Bull, or nationality, particularly Indian or American if USGPE get into F1.

Remember, Kimi Raikkonen wouldn't have shown up on a table like this!


I think that its a virtual certainty that at least one American will drive for USGPE, one will be a driver of some experience (please not Speed!) and the second would be an American with some potential. If you have seen any of the Indy road courses Danica is straight crap, The better road racers in the series are a bit on the old side so its basically Marco Andretti or Graham Rahal if they are going the Indy route. JR Hildebrand is also a possibility but he is still in lights and while he is doing quite well, Graham is still younger than he is and competing quite well at a higher level. I have never seen Charlie Kimball drive but going from these rankings I would think he is out of the picture. If they are looking to go long term development I think Rahal is the only choice, Marco I think may fair better sooner but I see Rahal being a better driver in the long haul. With that being said and USGPE being linked to several veteran drivers I would think their second driver choice would be with development in mind therefore I would think Rahal would be a better choice. Now if forcing themselves to have an American drive is a good decision or not is an entire other discussion...
Welcome to the forum, O Danny Boy

O_Danny_Boy said:
Now if forcing themselves to have an American drive is a good decision or not is an entire other discussion...

Well, it worked for Red Bull when the ironically named Scott Speed got into STR, and it worked even better for McLaren when they (god forbid) signed Michael Andretti! I think they should find a quality US driver, but they must beware IRL form, as they could get suckered by the Andretti/Bourdais trap.
Welcome indeed.

I'm afraid I haven't got a great deal to add to your post (because I agree with you!) but I'm afraid to say the main table hasn't been updated for a long time and is unlikely to be in the near future - I took on a bit too much and no longer have time to devote to it, unfortunately.

Any chance of a Canadian (Robert Wickens) getting the drive, or would that be even worse than a European?! LOL
I think the American psyche kind of seems to regard Canada as a little brother state, especially sport wise.

My big knowledge of this is Toronto FC's place in MLS (football), but a little bit of Wikiresearch suggests that the big American sports leagues contain:

NHL (Ice-hockey): Montreal Canadiens, Ottowa Senators, Toronto Maple Leafs, Calgary Flames, Edmonton Oilers and Vancouver Canuks.
MLB (Baseball): Toronto Blue Jays
NBA (Basketball): Toronto Raptors

Now, I'm no expert on these sports but they seem to be mainly American national leagues with way too many teams which seem to regard Canada as a part of their social scene that deserves at least lip service (or a single franchise in Toronto).

I can see a Canadian taking the seat if a US driver is unforthcoming!
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