Who am I?

Not RM - Clue 2: After retiring from F1 one of my jobs was as a stunt driver on the film Ronin.
I haven't got a clue but I'm going to punt at a French driver who was around for a while. I know I've tried his name before but, Rene Arnoux?
Well done Jenov, it was indeed "Jumper" Jarier. Another bit of trivia, he was called Jumper not because of an erratic driver style (although it could so easily have been) but because when Robin Herd's youngest son tried to say Jean-Pierre and it came out as jumper.

Over to Jen for "Who am I VIII"
Thanks FB, but should have realised that if I got it right I would have to do the next "Who am I".

I'll do my best - but it might take a while!!
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