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Bookies drive nice cars because of people like me
F1 needs street circuits for variety. We don't want more soulless tracks in the middle of nowhere, so I think a maximum of 3 street circuits is good. So that's Monaco, a modified Singapore, and New York (drop Valencia). We still need traditional circuits like Spa, Silverstone and Monza, and f1 needs to move into huge potential markets like the USA. So we do need GP's like China, Russia, India, Malaysia and the USA. So (sorry for going a bit off topic) my calendar would be (based on inevitable future GP's):

1. Australia
2. South Africa
3. Malaysia
4. Abu Dhabi
5. Russia
6. Spain
7. Monaco
8. Canada
9. New Jersey
10. France
11. Britain
12. Germany
13. Hungary
14. Belgium
15. Italy
16. India
17. Singapore
18. Korea
19. China
20. Japan
21. Mexico
22. USA
23. Argentina
24. Brazil

For me, Argentina and Mexico a maybe, and with clever date working this could be a viable calendar (with a summer break) although there would be a lot of back-to-backs!

Great post mjo :cheer:

Hope this works... the idea is that you should select as many circuits as you would have in your ideal season. You should be able to vote for as many or as few as you want if I understand it correctly...
No worries Jez - I can register them in the comments, after all! I appreciate that neither has held a GP yet, but having seen them in use for tin-tops, Motogp & GT racing, it'd be cool to see F1 machinery at play on these circuits (especially Portimao!).
Jez is you voting for Valencia some sort of joke? Or are you actually serious?
A bit of both :)

I know how it is officially the most hated circuit anywhere in the world bar none, worse even than Ceasars Palace, but I dislike Cataluna even more and there is just something about Valencia in the sun that looks good in the middle of summer. Boring races are the result of a couple of bad corners around the swing bridge which could be fixed I think. Personally I like the last sector. :dunno:. I wouldn't want a full season of Valencia, but along with Monaco and Singapore, I think you need another street circuit.
Ok. If I were Bernie this is how I'd run it.

It will be split into 3 sections and travel in a rough anti-clock wise direction round the world.

There would be a driver champion of each section as well as an overall world champion

There would only be a world Constructors championship

Unless forced to by injury a team would only be allowed to change its driver selection at the ends of each section

Each of the 3 sectors will have a 'showpiece' event(in bold) where the race is an open entry for anyone wanting to run an F1 car although obviously standards must be met and super licence held by the driver. 26 would still only be allowed on the grid so the 'showpiece' events would involve a pre-qualifying session.

The bottom 2 teams in the Constructors championship would have to submit a 'claim' to be in F1 which woould be considered by the FIA along with any other team wanting to be in F1 - obviously proving yourself in 'showpiece' events would be valuable for anytime wanting to come into F1. There will still be no more teams than 13.

The season would run as such:

Oceania and Asia

1- Australia
2- Malaysia
3- Japan
4- Korea
5- China
6- Singapore
7- Abu Dhabi
8- India


9 - Russia
10- Hungary
11 - Italy
12- Monaco
13- Germany
14- Belgium
15 - France
16- Britian


17 - Canada
18- New Jersey
19 - Indy
20 - Austin
21 - Mexico
22 - Brazil
6 tracks so far that have been voted for by all. I wonder if anyone will end up dropping any of those. Watching with interest.

and Bahrain has a big fat zero! Are you watching Mr E?

Don't like that idea at all... Sorry.

I didn't think everyone would - just trying to give the trip round the world some geographical logic and I thought the contient championship would mean that there was always some interest championship wise to a season right to the end even if we get a season like this one.

I don't think you need to worry though FIAT - Bernie's stopped taking my phone calls anyway!
I missed Bahrain, except 2010 its 2006 race had the most overtakes for a race between 1998 and 2008 without rain or safety cars.
Bahrain CAN produce good races - ie 2006. But there was just a higher proportion of bad ones.
I only chose Abu Dhabi because I wanted one Middle Eastern country represented, to be honest both are as bad as each other... I just went for the lesser evil of the two... literally.
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