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Who will you be supporting in 2015?

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The support for Formula one drivers is an interesting thing. Some people choose to follow a team and will therefore support a driver when driving for that team and stop following him when he moves on. Other people will follow a driver where ever he goes. Some people follow neither team or driver and just enjoy the sport as a whole and finally, some people will change their support depending on who they like at the time, this could change season on season.

So let's gauge who we are supporting this year. I have given everyone the option to pick 4 drivers which I think is more than enough for anyone (in this day and age that's just under a quarter of the field). Feel free to share why you are following those individuals, how you expect them to get on this year and any other thoughts you may have.
Ok, I have gone for four. My top favourite is Ricciardo, he's talented and seems to be a really nice guy. Secondly I'd like Bottas to do well, mainly because I want to see Williams up at the top. I would prefer Hamilton to beat Rosberg, because I'm British, (but I don't think it will happen this year). Finally I would like to see Button do well, because it would piss Ron Dennis off.
You can see that a lot of technical thought went into my decision making.
No love for Maldonado? Need to check spelling on Daniel Ricciardo too.

As for my drivers. Hamilton & Button as the Brit contingent, Bottas for same reason as Titch and finally The Hulk because he deserves some reward for the effort he has put in.
My brain is not working correctly today. What's even worse is my little boy is called Daniel so I should know how to spell it :(

You can add responses to a poll but you can't edit existing choices thus Danial will stand as testiment to my brain fade for as long as this thread runs.
I've gone for Seb and Daniel this season. Daniel just to see that grin back on the top step and just because he has been a breath of fresh air in terms of attitude and performance last year. Seb because I really want to see him succeed where Alonso couldn't. As a multiple world champion Seb shouldn't have anything to prove and yet because of a number of circumstances his ability is often called into question. So, those two will be getting my vote this season. I'm also tempted to vote for Marcus Ericcson as well because he started to show signs of improvement towards the end of last year before the wheels quite literally came off the Caterham wagon and Bottas because I've always been a fan of drivers from Finland for some reason (but strangely not Kimi).
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Been impressed by Nasr in GP2 on several occasions so I will continue to support him.
Can't not like Daniel R, very nice chap and bloody fast to boot.
Bottas gets my 3rd vote, in a decent car he would be world champion, AND he has a personality unlike other Fins who shall remain nameless.

I have supported Lewis since GP2 and was fully behind his move when he went to Mercedes. My problem is I'm not sure I can continue to support him with all the singing stuff, the rap guy baseball caps and now 'that hair cut'. He seems to be moving out of 'cool dude & fast driver' category and into the 'pretentious twat' category.

He is turning into Nigel Mansell. Great to watch on track. To be avoided off track.

I may vote later.
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Jenson - just because he's been my fave for years (and I want to see him unsettle Fernando - he's proven time & again that he can cut it with him on-track).
Danny Ric - another nice chap, and I can't hold his antipodeanity against him
Valtteri Bottas - I expect him to trouble Gok & Britney for the top step this year
The Hulk - because you wouldn't like him when he's angry
I've gone for Ricciardo because he seems a genuinely nice man, is very quick, and is a countryman to boot. It is nice to see an Australian back at the front of the F1 grids. It has been too long!

I like Kimi because, unlike virtually all of the other drivers, he doesn't consult his PR rep before opening his mouth. It would also be nice to see him display the raw speed he showed in his McLaren years.

Then I go for Seb, just to shut up those fools who think that a 4-time WDC still needs to prove himself.

And I want Williams to win the WCC.
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