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Who will you be supporting in 2015?

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Yeah I set it up to allow for changes because people may change their minds.

I must admit, it's not gone as I'd expected it.

Interesting that the two new boys have gained no support thus far.
I just noticed that I voted but I haven't actually voted by that I mean I didn't vote by not casting my vote by clicking the cast your vote button....:facepalm:

I'll just go back and check who I didn't vote for and then vote for them...
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I only support Kimi Raikkonen, my interest is starting to wane with the new crop of drivers, there used to be a time when I supported several.

However, I like to see Hulkenberg do well as I think that he's been trapped in the midfield for too long.

Went for Massa too, as a Ferrari fan through and through back in the old days, to go from cursing Ferrari from hiring him in 2006, to see him improve drastically from 2007-2009 has given me a soft spot for him.

Maldonado just provides the lols.
I will support Button - the guy has been written off more times than a car and he always seems to have the greatest comebacks since Lazarus

Hamilton - aside from the soap opera with Nicole again. He will go into the most successful British driver surpassing in equalling JYS - 3titles . He could become the first Brit to successful defend his title

Hulkenberg - this guy seems to be wrongly overlooked for the bigger drives and it is not down to a lack of talent

Grosjean - see Hulkenberg

I would like to see the no hopers and pay per drivers languish at the back of the grid and prove they aint worthy of their drives
I can still see a couple of regular posters who haven't voted yet.

Very interesting results thus far.

I still can't quite believe how little the love is for Alonso out there.
I limited it to 4 because I wanted people to consider who they really wanted to follow this season. By the time you get down to fifth or sixth choices it's not really a real reflection of support. It's a sad state of affairs to think 4 votes is almost a quarter of the grid anyway.
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I have nothing against not supporting Ricciardo - I hope he proves last season was not a one season wonder and ditto with Bottas although some question whether it was him or the Williams
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