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Who will you be supporting in 2015?

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Seriously, I don't know what it is but some of my favorite F1 drivers were Rosberg Snr, Mika H, JJ Lehto (very under rated imho) and Kovi (also under rated). I've never really been a huge fan of Kimi though.


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Kovi got off to a bad start thanks to the awesome man management of Flabio and then was hired by McLaren to be the nice guy in the wake of 07gate. At least he managed to win a race. At Caterham he proved he had the pace as he was consistently quicker than anyone at the back end of the grid by some margin. If the stupid buggers hadn't have given him the heave-ho, his pace may have even seen them score points in 2013.


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Only half a countryman as his dad is Sicilian, which is where the name Ricciardo comes from the Italians pronounce it Richi-ar-do
He lists his nationality as Australian.
Besides, his nationality is not my main reason for supporting him, as I thought my posting made clear.


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I've never been good at driver or team support because I watch for good racing and kind of go for the underdog so my soft spot changes depending on the situation.

I've gone for Bottas as I've championed him since his test driver days (as some will have noticed). I have a soft spot for Grosjean as I like a driver who learns from his mistakes and grows. lastly I've gone for Kvyat due to the fact I've seen him come through the junior catogries and constantly surprise people on how good he is.....plus that save at Monza! Quality.
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Same as last year, Kimi and Rosberg. I know a lot of folks don't rate them too highly, but I happen to like the both of them.

Kimi impressed me when he drove for Lotus - he was able to make his tires last when everyone else was having extreme problems, and yes, that may partly have been the car, but it's also driver skill.

And I just plain like Nico. Also, his teammate rubs me the wrong way, I can't stand Hamilton, so in a way, supporting Nico is a way for me to feel like I'm sticking it to Hamilton.
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There's only one driver I'll truly be supporting - Hamilton, but you gave me four options and I'm a greedy bugger so I picked four based on some mix of who I like watching and who I'm most interested to see how they do this year:

1. Hamilton - people question his off-track personality but he's spectacular on track and that's what counts for me.
2. Ricciardo - can't stop grinning and he was great to watch in 2014.
3. Alonso - I'm not going to say I want Alonso to win but he's an incredible driver and F1 wouldn't be the same without him.
4. Vettel - seems to be reinvigorated and I'm interested to see what he can do at Ferrari.

I've never been the biggest Button fan, nice guy but doesn't really do it for me (he would be 5th on my list though).


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Pastor and some other blokes - I want to see Pastor Maldonado WDC 2015 just to watch you lot whinge about how it's not fair and it's all down to the car, yadda, yadda, yadda. He won in a Williams after many years in the wilderness for the team so will always be seated at the feet of the Gods.

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All of the above, with the exclusion of Maldonado and Massa.

The new guys I will keep a close eye on, as it is always good to see new talent come through.

If there is a new race winner, I will be ecstatic. I just enjoy watching good racing, and will cheer a win or a great move whoever makes it.

That said, If I had to pick one it would be JB, as I see a lot of myself in him, apart from the talent, looks, charm, charisma, warmth, intelligence.
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