Current Where do FOTA's loyalties lie? With the fans, their sponsors, themselves, or Bernie?


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Martin Whitmarsh has apparently questioned the new broadcasting deal for F1, claiming it is a breach of the Concorde agreement which states that F1 must be free to air:
Whitmarsh said moves to take F1 off free-to-air could be viewed as a breach of the Concorde Agreement, with him claiming that there were clauses in the deal that ties the teams, Ecclestone and the FIA together that guarantees the sport's broadcast platform.

So finally it's time for FOTA to step up and do what's right for the fans.
After all, without the fans there are no sponsors, no teams and no F1.

If it is a breach of the agreement then they need to force the issue and get it back on free to air TV.
If this means Bernie taking a pay cut then so be it.
If it wasn't for the ludicrous sums Bernie demands from broadcasters, we wouldn't be in this situation.

If this doesn't happen then perhaps it's time for FOTA to finally follow through on all of their empty threats over the last few years and start a breakaway series.

Come on FOTA, use your clout and have some balls for once.
Depends on the agreement.

Does it say all of the F1 has to be free to air?

The worry is that this deal might not technically breach the concorde agreement.
Fat chance of that happening, as FOTA "care" about the fans, they always go with what Bernie says.

What confuses me is...How the deal was signed without the teams knowing?
Because Bernie simply has too much power and believes F1 is his own personal plaything.

Then is there much point in this article then?

Bernie has too much power, even if FOTA disagree they will have to go along with what Bernie does.

Or we might get the infamous "breakaway" situation, which won't happen, and if it did, it's the worst case scenario for everyone.
It will be bad for the fans, bad for the teams, bad for Bernie ( I see your point, isn't worst case if Bernie's suffering).

Then there will probably be dispute over tracks etc.

A breakaway series will never work, it will be too hard to get it started, and if it does, it won't succed.

And if it does succeed, expect Bernie to bring it down one way or another.
Indeed they do, and make no mistake, they do have the wherewithal to so something about it.

The question is though, will they?
Of course not, they'll make a bit of noise about it until Bernie pulls on his leash and they'll come falling into line.
The fact is, someone pulled off a smart one, so it's not "breach" in the concorde agreement as they technically get "free" air due to highlights, and a fair few races.

Someone really needs to look at these contracts thoroughly before sigining :rolleyes:
Who's their loyalty to? Their sponsors.
What do their sponsors want? Exposure.

Where will they get exposure? Free-to-air.

Is Formula One going to be free-to-air in the UK? No.

So they have a problem.

It's perfectly good logic. But, as with most major organisations, they don't have an ounce (or 28.3495231 grams for all europeans out there) of it.
They are FOTA not FOFA*, although some sort of FOFA should exist really. FOTA have the teams wishes at heart, some times they are also the fans wishes, but at the end of the day, particularly when you are talking about teams like Williams, all they need is the finance to be able to go racing. If they think the Sky deal will seriously jeopardise sponsorship deals and the like then they will speak up, but otherwise not and I don't think it's their job too.

What needs to happen is for FOFA to be created and for their to be proper, open, discussion between FOTA, FOFA, the FIA and Bernie with all views being considered properly. This isn't going to be happening any time soon though...

* Formula One Fans Association. Copyright sushifiesta 2011.
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