What Number Would You Have Chosen?


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Say you were an F1 driver burdened with the task of choosing a number for the rest of your life. What do you choose?

For me 2 and 17 have always been my lucky numbers, but 17 doesn't stand out enough for me. I would consider 2 but would rather have something that stands out a bit more. 72 would be pretty cool as it would be very unique, and a play on the famous 27. And I've always liked 87 not too sure why. So for me my choices in order would be 72, 2, 87.
On the basis of being a weirdo who studied Number Theory at degree level...

73, 57, 37

Prime numbers whose individual digits are also prime.

Also 73 would be utterly unique.
89, 2, 13 or 99 maybe. I once had a bit of a habit of picking the highest number possible (lower expectations...), 13 because the bad luck thing is bullshit and the others for birthday related reasons. This means I share something in common with Sutil and Maldonado, which is a bit worrying.
I think 13 is good because it is the smallest number with eight letters in its name "thirteen" it is also the smallest emirp in writing 13 is the first number which is allowed to written as a compound number, numbers from zero to twelve should be spelled out....
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