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If Vettel beats Raikkonen his stock can only rise. The only questions to remain are, does Raikkonen want to go to Red Bull (surely yes) and will Vettel try and block the move?
I've found the SPECULATIONOMETER, actually Greenlantern101

I think Seb would fight Kimi joining the team. He may have no choice. But I doupt he would enjoy such a strong team mate taking points from him. You just have to look at 2010 when Mark was taking points from him. Turkeytastrophy.
I'm not sure either Raikkonen or Vettel will much like the idea of having to battle for supremacy. I'd still like to see Hulkenberg get the seat.
and that wouldn't be a battle for supremacy?

If Seb wants a number 2 we'll get one of the Toro Rosso boys. If he says bring it on we'll get Kimi or the Hulk.

If Newey wants a technical link to him and the car we'll get Rosberg.

If Red Bull want a brand booster we'll get Lewis or Schumacher.
Greenlantern101 - If Seb ends up being the deciding factor keeping Kimi away, then every suggestion that this guys behind the scenes petulance knows no bounds will have been proven true. It would be the most embarrassing episode of his career if it was ever publicly acknowledged that he indeed "vetoed" Raikkonen's arrival.

You would really like to think that a (soon to be) 4xWDC would be confident enough to take on another top tier driver in equal machinery. Although I suppose I could see why he might be wary of this prospect, seeing as he hasn't faced such a challenge since 2006 when Paul di Resta beat him to the F3 Title in the same car.
Yeah, c_a_t brought that up in his post on Warwick in the underrated thread, but the difference there is that Senna was without a title at that point, whereas Vettel is likely to have 4 soon.
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