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I know I write the majority of the Quizzes on this forum. But if you want to write a quiz, please do. These guidelines will help:

1. Spoilers

Please put your answers under spoilers. The spoiler code is:
[spoiler=Witty repartie]Answer[/spoiler]

2. Marks

As a guideline, I've attempted largely to have my quizzes marked out of 10. This is the recommended number of marks possible, but this is absolutely not compulsory. The reason I recommend this is that it gives members scope for comparison across quizzes.

Half marks, third marks and all sorts of fractions are not to ever be discouraged, you as quiz writers have utmost creative freedom.

3. Difficulty

Make it as difficult or as simple as you like. Its your quiz and your rules.

4. Theme

Many of the quizzes on the site have a specific theme. Your quiz does not have to have one, and you're welcome to repeat a quiz theme that others have done. If you're going to have a quiz theme, please try to at least tangentially stick to it.

Quizzes about a certain driver are possible, but ensure that your quiz does not just reproduce statistics that overly promote or criticise a driver. This will be watched particularly carefully depending on the driver.

5. Expectations

Don't expect someone to have responded instantly to the quiz, they generally take their time. Also, enjoy yourself writing it.

6. Read The Answering Quizzes Thread

Make sure you are aware of what I have said to people answering a quiz, and be prepared to respond to the criticism that I have encouraged should you get something factually wrong or word a question in a vague way. Watch the responses to your quiz for its "life" to ensure you don't miss these things!

More than anything, enjoy yourself. You don't have to write these things!
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