Ugliest F1 Cars


Hans Heyer
Inspired by recent events, here are some F1 cars from the past to make our current crop look a lot prettier.

On everyone's list, the March 711.

The worst livery award.

And Guy's monstrosity.

What else have I missed?


Not my cup of cake
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I actually like the 711, sorry TC.

You could add many

The Theodore TY02

The Hesketh 308C

Mclaren M28




Stepladder nose on the Ensign N179.

Actually, I love these "ugly" DIY-looking cars, although they were before my time. I expect this diversity was more fun for the casual fan than seeing a field full of cars that look almost identical to the untrained eye. Having said that, the one that looks like Kenny from South Park is riding tandem is too much.
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