UEFA Euro 2020 groups


Podium Finisher
With my home country being part of the tournament for the first time I really wanted to do this quiz.

A Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, Wales

1. Welshman Tom Pryce lost his life in Kyalami 1977. The accident started as the car of his Italian team-mate caught fire. Who was that team-mate?
Renzo Zorzi

2. What was S├ębastien Buemi's best result in Turkish Grand Prix?
9th in 2011, so he got two points

B Belgium, Russia, Denmark, Finland

3. Which Russian and Finnish drivers were team-mates?
Vitaly Petrov and Heikki Kovalainen, Caterham 2012

4. In which race Stoffel Vandoorne and Kevin Magnussen retired on the first lap after colliding together?
Brazilian GP 2017

C Ukraine, Netherlands, Austria, North Macedonia

5. Niki Lauda took his final Grand Prix victory in Zandvoort. From which position did he start?

D England, Croatia, Czech Republic, Scotland

6. Of English, Czech and Scottish drivers, who was the only one to finish Italian GP 2001?
Tomas Enge. Jenson Button and David Coulthard retired.

E Spain, Poland, Sweden, Slovakia

7. True or false - Robert Kubica never stood on the podium after F1 race in Spain

False, he was 3rd in Valencia 2008

8. Who took the pole position in the inaugular Swedish Grand Prix in 1973?
Ronnie Peterson

F Germany, France, Portugal, Hungary

9. What is the only year as French driver or French team has won Hungarian Grand Prix?
Fernando Alonso won in 2003 for Renault. Prost never won in Hungary

10. Michael Schumacher won in Portugal once. How many wins in total he had after that glory?
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