Tracking Back

Which one of these former F1 Circuits would you like to see back?

  • A1-Ring

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  • Brands Hatch

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  • Dijon-Prenois

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  • Estoril

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  • Imola

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  • Mexico City

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  • Jarama

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  • Jerez

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  • Kyalami

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  • Magny Cours

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  • Mosport

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  • Anderstorp

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  • Watkins Glen

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To lighten the mood a little and to have a little bit of nostalgia as well, I thought I would create this poll to see which circuit fellow CTA'ers would like to see return to the F1 calendar.

To do this I've come up with the following set of rules:

1) The circuit must have held 5 GP or more (that cuts out one off circuits like Las Vegas)
2) The circuit must still exist (Not your week is it Nelson!!!) and must be able to host an F1 race or with reasonable investment be able to hold one. So that's a yes to Brands but no to the old Ring. All though there are some that may be a bit close to breaking this rule on the list such as the street circuits but I reckon it's easier to re-open a street circuit as they were not permanent facilities anyway.
4) I've not included circuits that are currently sharing becuase there is still some doubt about which ones are still going to be used. This effects Suzuka/Fuji and Hockenheim/Nurburgring mainly.

So which one would you like to see back on the circuit and why??

Over to you.
Only 1?

I'd prefer the Osterreichring to A1, and the original Buenos Aires.

I think I would have to go for Mexico City, for the long straights, and that 180[sup]o[/sup] Peraltada curve;
Phillipe Alliott crashes are optional.
Muddy, Unfortunatly the original Osterreichring falls foul of Rule 2 as it really dosn't exist any more. The A1 track was only included on the list because it is currently being re-built after being almost demolished in 2004. It should be open again this year and on the DTM calander from next year.

Bro, I'm trying to be optomistic about Spa.
Tough to choose just 1. My heart says Brands but it's never going to happen so I have plumped for Zandvoort as I can't remember ever seeing a boring race at this circuit. This may be rose tinted spectacles on my part but there was always something memorable about a race there and Tarzan was/is a wonderful corner (with a wonderful name).

I also recall in the early days of the turbo era everyone getting vexed that Renault blew all the other teams away at the high altitude circuits and then shutting up when one of the yellow cars popped up on pole at Zandvoort as parts of the circuit are actually below sea level. I can't think of another circuit in the world that can claim this.
What happened to rule number 3 C_a_T? :dunno:

Anyway, I'm going to plump for the A1 Ring - it always seemed to be a good race even though the track itself wasn't a patch on the Osterreichring, although that shouldn't detract from the fact that it was still a good circuit, IMO anyway.
Ha Ha, Ooops Yeah Rule number 3 was combined with Rule number 2 but I forgot to renumber in the process.

I'm with TBY, I've gone for Kyalami. I always thought it was a pretty good circuit and I think Africa deserves a race as much as some of the other countries. I think it would have lasted a lot longer on the calendar than 2 races in the mid 90's (for the revised post 85 circuit anyway) if the then owners hadn't have gone bankrupt.

It was always a challenge for cars and much was made of the altitude effecting engine performance. There aren't enough variables between circuits these days. So my vote goes to South Africa.
I voted for Mexico City. Not because I can remember it (my memory barely troubles itself about things before yesterday... :rolleyes: ), but Muddy's description sounds intriguing. :D

Boyle99 said:
What happened to rule number 3 C_a_T? :dunno:

Number 3 has been struggling with funding for a while now. Despite much touting for cash, number 3 succumbed to the same fate that affects many of F1 circuits. (Ironic, no?) Bernie is still undecided which number will replace number three, but he assures us that a suitable number will be found soon. Possibly a new number, designed by Hermann Tilke...
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Bit of a buggar if you've got one of these things!
McZiderRed said:
I voted for Mexico City. Not because I can remember it (my memory barely troubles itself about things before yesterday... :rolleyes: ), but Muddy's description sounds intriguing. :D

I've since watched a YouTube video of the Mexico City track, and I'm not disappointed with my choice. :)
Just as well, I hear you say, cos I can't change me vote now! :snigger:

(I'd just like to say the all credit for my vote goes to Muddytalker...)
No problemo. Whilst we can't go back on safety measures, and some technology advances, you look at these tracks and the cars and can see the racing genuinely was much better then.

Cars followed closer, bumpy, dusty tracks and manual gearboxes created errors; fast, banked bends allowing cars to slipstream onto the straight, and into longer braking distances.

Oh and no refuelling! Not even any pitstops for most of the drivers. Bring on 2010 (I still say the tyres should be redesigned to last a whole GP, and work on getting softer compounds from there, rather than the 1-lap wonders we have now)
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